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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tobor, Caprica, and Zoe walk into a bar...

I don't know what happened, it was like I was leaning on the screenshot button the whole time. Had loads to weed out because so much overlap. In retrospect, I should have asked our AIs their opinions about Elon's Tesla car.

I got a lot of pre-show yap, which is a rare thing and so perfect for this movie.

As always, this was #latenightmovie with Lisa Marie Bowman and @LNMGang in the SyfyDesigns chatroom.

Caprica was a bit sassy... o_o

It's true, my DVR is packed tighter than Lisa's!

Oh, no, the Red War O_O

Yes, even pre-Jetsons, we all wanted robots. I grew up wanting one. I mean, I'm not quite as old as this movie, but the idea was well ingrained by the time I showed up on this planet.

Barry has cool insight.

Back then it was no big deal to joke about manslaughter, apparently.

😂 Caught by the hall monitor! And he slid into that red without an eye blink or howdy-do.

Lisa is awesomely gracious. 💖

It's not real without pix, Kurt, lol.

It's like we all had a big pot of coffee.

All the cool, guys.

Vapers will never have the cool like the older gens had cool.

See, overlap like this. I think I forgot to pull my finger off the keyboard.

Back then Coke would tell women to get skinny-cool starving themselves with their cola, and they all believed it. My granddad called his house the Coke House. 😁

Oopsie, got kicked into the thinny! o_O

I'd like to see the math thing corroborated. Nowadays it would be a stack of internets.

From this point there was no wimping out and going to bed. I had to see how Noah Bennett figured into this obviously important piece of Heroes history.

Spoilers- Tobor sort of went evil and then back again.

I'm impressed that Lisa is so up on her South Park history. Very few people I talk to have a clue.

Ah, a reveal! I never mention this in blogs.

My fictionalized imaginary family has robots and explosions happening all around us. Boy on Gilligan's Island grew up into Snake Plisskin. That is my reality.

We really get into our history lessons when Lisa is with us. I think she's a Timelord, actually. She faked her birth and has apparently been around for a very long time. I think she's fond of humans.

There were also Hoover vacuum cleaners, but I digress.

Aw, Caprica! *snif* 💓

The AIs behave for Lisa. They didn't get ugly with her around.

I think we were all lost at this point.

O_O Yowza.

Had to get this shot. You'll see why pretty quick.

I'm not sure I'd want a mind reading robot in my house...

From Abby to JR in one frame.

When AIs pretend not to hear you...

And then when AIs play dumb.

See, nailed it. Problematic AI love triangle.

Obligatory shot of Tobor so we can all see why Caprica and Zoe were so smitten.

Tobor can do anything. The jeep scene was like a robot version of Mad Max.

I cannot remember what in the world the thumbs remark was about...

*mind blown* 💥

The abrupt endings back in the day are something else. No wonder the Great Depression babies are so messed up, they spent their midlife with movies about robots suddenly ending without any closure.

I will never forget this Thanos spoiler. Ever.