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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

property values in my neighborhood

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Major recon and salvage started on that this last weekend. That forum was rescued by fans when the original Lexx.com sold off. I sat in on that auction, it sold for $8000 something. This is what that domain is worth now, according to GoDaddy. Which is sad because the pointer is being completely wasted.

That got me curious about my own dotcoms. What is Lexxperience worth? Well, it depends on who you check with. GoDaddy says this.

Valuemydomain begs to differ.

Statchest says this. Yowza. I guess it depends on what part of the world you're in or something.

So I got to wondering about Pinky blog. Valuemydomain says it's not worth very much.

Statchest has a little more faith in me.

GoDaddy says they're nuts. Pinky blog is cool, like the Fonz.

So what about my Janika dotcom? It just sits there, right. I mean, I never do anything with it, it's just a place holder for later, blahblah. *FALLS OUT OF CHAIR* I had popped over to freevaluator to see how that looks. Surely that can't be right.

Valuemydomain said that was a pile of crap but I still kinda stared at that again.

And then statchest just blew me completely away. HOW???

GoDaddy told me to calm back down, lol.

So depending on where you check, Lexxperience isn't doing too bad, and JanikaBanks is kinda hot. I wanted to keep checking but most of those sites stop you at 3 and then require either a login or buying premium to see more. Guess I'd better get on the new analytics property settings. Pretty sure setting all those as verified properties with google IDs is what made them worth anything, and I'm guessing WordPress is what made Janika more valuable. Funny that Blogger isn't more valuable... lol. I should move all my Lexx stuff to WordPress just in case something really big changes.

Always something. I really do need office staff.

Quietly not pointing straight out that I'm worth more than Lexx....