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Monday, May 15, 2017


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I know I've been absent. Some of you know I've been incredibly more capable than ever handling real life lately, and it's been a doozy, as always. Here's a touch base.

I believe in synchronicity. It's like that verse about all things work together for good for those who love, etc. Basically, it's mindful awareness in a mindset, and it really does work when we focus on priorities, needs, and goals. Things click into place because we are ready for them to do that, otherwise they slide on by largely unnoticed or out of sync. Things falling apart in real life around me don't frighten or upset me like they used to. Opportunities open all around as changes happen. Oftentimes opportunities can't break through stagnation, but suddenly become available as worlds flip over and jumble up.

So basically, I've arrived to a place where I have staff. I've joked (although I meant it) about @bonenado being my tech support, I've hinted about content support from someone who has read every word I've ever written, and now I have a sort of office management support with a person trained in legalese and form submission, granted in another field, but it still counts, and I got an agreement to check on me before the final file submission. That's huge since I'm the one who can't fill out basic forms to save my life, as per you're my lobster.

Y'all know my faceplant on form submission... lol. Hitting that final 'send' is what keeps freezing me up, and I've spent all spring working on walking away, letting go of the fret, allowing permanent flaws in what I cannot control kind of thing. THAT is hard. Funny story- there is a player on our multiserver that goes nuts when I write "I'm choppin punkins." I get corrected continually. That person would never survive on twitter.

That is the kind of thing I'm letting go of. Rulz. Aspienado loves all the rules about language, but I also love twitter speak and social media meme stuffs. I bend rules in my blogging all the time, even though I'm practicing on being a better writer. Part of being ME means incorporating my head quirks, and I often do that on blogs with inserted graphics, vids, and coding that emphasizes thoughts with color changes, along with other writing tools. I can't do that in a book. Part of writing a book is about formalizing the writing process, and while that can be a good thing, it also robs my Pinky style of integrating all the things into a story, and I 'get lost' in the reformat. I cannot copy/paste to an Office file and then put it through a format grinder (two if you count the publisher putting it through another grinder) without losing a great deal of what makes aspienado a thing.

I've got content. I've got tech. I've got the launch set up, a publisher contracted, and lots of go juice in my heart and soul. The problem is wrapping my head around that final button push. I need staff almost literally holding my hands to get me through a process that a lot of people who write probably find to be the easiest part, and it looks like my team is about ready to assemble.

Took quite a bit of life jumbling up for that to come together. I apologize. I'd like to disclaim that getting my book published is safe, but the cosmos demands otherwise, and every time I set a goal, a whole lot of jumbling up starts happening around me. Sorry about that, but the cosmos saw that I needed staff, and lo, the morning and the night were the quazillionth day, and the aspienado said It is good.

This. Just. In. I love Radculas.

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