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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eat me!

I actually said it- So much for Halloween, may as well just let it go and wait till it comes back around next year.


That's a facepalm. You know, eyes squinched shut. Ok, nevermind.

I've been getting my days (and weeks) mixed up even more monumentally than normal, and it hit me yesterday Halloween cards I had for a couple of months hadn't been sent out yet, and then it hit me last night I haven't even gotten my bills ready to go yet, and it's hitting me this morning that the rest of the holiday slide is going to be like this and I may as well just let it all hum over my head now. I can't both participate AND keep a steady schedule of any kind going. So back to my old ways- holidays is what other people do. I sit in a corner in my own little world vaguely aware of the world twirling around me.

So I made a big ol' list last night, I've got a big ol' day in front of me to get this stuff back in line, and since it involves driving I'm going to enjoy what I can of autumn peak before it's gone, because I was wandering around Walmart like a derelict yesterday and I didn't even pick up Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. Yeah, it's that bad.

Meanwhile, @bonenado is having a ball. I live vicariously through him.

This scene saves me.


  1. Awww! Burrito is so cute! (And it took me three tries to spell 'burrito' correctly). Don't let it get you down - I had a couple of years where I whined about having to put up the Christmas tree. Hugs and wishes for clear sailing!

    1. ;) It's like STAND BACK, I'M GOING TO TRY MAGIC! hahaha It used to be *boom* ~snacks~, now it's Um, I have some salad in the fridge...