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Thursday, October 2, 2014

pink autumn polka

For being a cool person and not a total butt all over facebook when Xanga finally came out with an update, I got 7, count 'em SEVEN free months on 9, count 'em NINE blogs, BOOYA. They're offering six free months to people who have 'hung in there' and still 90% of the response is negative. I guess these people don't understand-
1- we OWN Xanga now, like employees own Price Cutter, and that means NO ADS, EVER.
2- those of us building for business and world traffic are innovating and our traffic isn't suffering at all, although I do admit my mental and emotional angst and depression have been challenged, but isn't that how we grow stronger?
3- co-blogging with other blog hosts is actually all the rage right now, I'm not the only one doing it.

Seriously, people with no vision or no aspirations beyond whining about one or two blogs for a solid year and then throwing fits about getting free blogging- why are you still around?

I'm not into negativity. Negativity maketh my dayeth sucketh moreth. Also, that freed up my money for holidays, so it felt like a Christmas present from Xanga. I still want to move all my stuff by Halloween, and rightly so, they mentioned another update possibly involving even better servers, so everything new I've created this last year could be code-razed at any time. The race is still on. But that doesn't mean I'm leaving Xanga.

I blame this smash going around twitter and facebook for the dream I had last night of Spock watering his lawn in a plaid short sleeved shirt and khaki shorts. My wildly free associating aspie brain doesn't need any more prompts, thank you, but you've gotta admit, this one is pretty awesome.

On the other hand, this cute little wizard frog didn't make me dream about frogs at all, yay!

Fun to follow, if you have twitter, just click the pic.

This clicks back to source, love her hair.

My busy week continues, more running, more keeping stuff straight while I keep my head together. Burrito's mama's birthday is next week, my sister and Holly after that, then mine, lol, then Halloween a week after that. It already feels like it's going too fast. I have looked everywhere for these, someone is going around buying it all up. I may have to go to the hobby store next, but I'm not holding my breath.

This really fits my mood today, haha. Gotta run.

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