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Saturday, October 4, 2014

got up at 3 am and my brain said GO

Is birthday weekend, what a cheerful cake I found, thank you Sam's Club. One of those last minute 'oh, yeah' things because we're all running in different directions and suddenly here it is.

Physical therapy has officially 'cut me loose' and sent me on my way with an 'ow, my eyes' t-shirt. Hope Scott doesn't swipe it to go hunting. It's the kind that wicks moisture. Don't know if they'll try to charge for that, can imagine someone in medigap approval going whaaaa? Anyway, this pretty much means I'm on my own now, I've got the tools and training to handle pain crises at home, and if I wanna move forward from here I'll hafta fork out the dough for a personal trainer and massage therapist, which I've alreay looked into doing. Maybe after the holidays.

Thanx to the 2 1/2 weeks of prednisone, I'm practically weaned off sugar again. This tiny little 3 ounce cup is my 'sugar bowl'. Filled up lasts almost two weeks. Can you believe it? That's Scott's caramel dip back there, I'm not into apples.

Not even the hobby store had these autumn leaves sprinkles, so I guess I'll be ordering online. The whole metro area is wiped clean of them, and I know because ~I checked~. I know there are church groups that go around wiping out other things from all the stores, too, like bags of Pepperidge Farm stuffing, have actually seen one church guy wipe a Walmart completely out of hot dogs and buns with several giant cart loads. I'm all for feeding people and fundraising and big parties and whatnot, but it's terribly inconveniencing to the other 400,000 of us when we go shopping. Not saying it was a church group this time, could have been a new home bakery or something, someone who maybe hasn't figured out how to find stuff online yet because so much of this area is still in the Dark Ages. Anyway, if you want some of these too, this pic clicks to online shopping.

I've been catching up on In Search of Aliens all week in my spare time, and this geo glyph among the Nazca lines reminds me of origami. It looks like a flat version of folded space, so maybe a rendition or formula for pan dimensional math or travel or something?

 photo pumu.jpg

Here is an example of what I mean, clicks to an interesting page about modern hypercubing in art. I'm one of those weirdos who can neither do math nor art but can still grasp theory in all its glory, so one day I hope to at least write a cool scifi story about what's in my head, since I'm good with words.

This graphic kind of helps to visualize dimension drawn flat, clicks back to the most original place I've seen this, thanx to Kelly Thul for sharing it.

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Seriously all over the map this morning. Need to turn the tech off and keep catching up on chores. Falling behind from all the running I did this week.


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  1. I bought pink and blue sugar sprinkles for my gender reveal party. I still have 95% of the bottles left. :P

    I realized yesterday that its just a little more than a month til my anniversary. I want to do something special because its our last anniversary without kids.