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Monday, October 13, 2014

coffee mambo splat

Wasn't sure I'd boot up this morning, lotta lightning going on. My laptop power settings are full on, tried using the conserve power setting once with ridiculous results, so I just live with my battery dying in about 20 minutes instead of the 2 hours it's supposed to last without being plugged in. I've got electricity bouncing on and off in between thunder crashes, so I'm thrilled I got hot coffee this morning.

So what happened yesterday??? I was going to do the Walking Dead live tweet! Couple of plan changes surprised me, and I was actually in a car when The Walking Dead started, so I guess this first week I'll just do my own thing, because I didn't want to retweet the live tweet and see all the spoilers if I couldn't be watching. When Scott and I finally got home and watched, our eyes were like those splat balls that walk down walls glued to the TV set. We barely talked, moved, or even breathed.

Those splat balls are getting pretty awesome nowadays, you need one.

Back to town today, stuffs, jetsetting, things. Always more things. Used to be a really fun JD movie clip montage to this song, sad that it's gone, but this song is my jam this morning.

Well, I had to keep stopping, so I've moved on. Gotta run now.

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