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Friday, October 3, 2014

sad pandas #snarkff

My life is sort of pathetic enough to brag about fantasy trophies.

But one has to cherish little moments like these.

This came about of a mixture of stubbornness against @bonenado freaking out for me to fix my team, a disproportionate and carefree belief in my guys, and Kelly's bad luck, because I had a pretty strong underdog thing going. And I'm relishing it because I'm the underdog again this week despite fixing my team three times already and I doubt I keep staying this lucky.

Kelly does cool stuff on the webs, including Nurture and Support with Mel and also cohosts Snarkalec Radio, and if you need to know more he's on G+.

Today feels like the paintball splat after a long week of crazy, so I'm just going to throw the rest of this post to fun photos and go hit what I hope is my last physical therapy session this year.

This is from last night's game, Vikes vs Packs.

This cool cosplay clicks to original tweet.

This is my snag, but I'll link it back to the original tweet and you can see how many retweets it has, mind blown. This is the only Snape account I have any respect for, by the way.

I was thrilled to find last week that someone had reloaded the bar scene from Soap. Enjoy this brilliance on the house and happy Friday.

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