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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rocket # 9

One of those mornings where updates are coming in, ads are trying to load, screen freezes just as I scroll and click, and the screen that pops up is totally wrong and freezes again... Have you ever noticed real life feels like that sometimes? I'm just going with it.

That's right, I'm doing this all backwards today. Yesterday was one of those cosmic 'shaken, not stirred' days with phone calls and burrito showing up and more stuffs, all pretty much in a one hour time slot just as my brain was falling out for the evening, and consequently my dreams were crazy mixed up alt world drama scenes full of fighting (seriously, I threw some punches), romance (omg, not HIM), intrigue (ok, I had ulterior motives for seducing him and he was about to discover my secrets), and even crime (that glittery stuff I put into the food was poison).

If I could wake up and type fast enough before I start forgetting my dreams, I'd have a shelf full of novels by now. But I'm stumbling around getting coffee and thinking I'd better get on those stretches today if I'm going to be any good for anything, tonight's going to be a 'can' supper (mix a can of salmon into 2 cans of potato soup, actually quite good and @bonenado's favorite), and oh yeah, better get that last birthday card out before it turns into next year's card. That's funny, isn't it, that sentence structure. Now I'm all aspie chuckling over the idea of reversing time order and verb tenses. If I'm not careful I'll free associate right into

CHICKENLAND, YAY! (Don't ask, I don't know how I got here, either.)

How many people do this? Click to go.

Clearly, people who are more creative than I am.

I need food. See ya.

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