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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

prioritizing lists for world domination

Today is a multiple lists kind of day. I'm running to town nearly every day this week for stuffs, so I've got a list of errands all over creation, plus a list of internet chores to do in between all the running. Yes, on top of the blog transfers. Also have a list of food I need to cook this week because I'm already getting so scattered that I'll wind up throwing food out if I forget to make something with it or make too much all at once.

I'm a big believer in lists. Sometimes I even make a list for the lists. I used to think this was ridiculous, but learning how to meticulously organize and then choreograph all these things has pretty much saved my home life from falling to pieces. I still thank Chris Hardwick for that. He says I can still rule the universe with epic brain fail and that it's crucial I spend real money on cute spirals to make this happen. In 3 days it'll be 2 years since I blogged about how he changed my life. I never dreamed I'd become so capable on the webs again. Lotta small steps got me here, can't wait to see where another two years gets me.

In the meantime, my Let's Get Spocked survey rocked right up to the top of my Surveypalooza posts yesterday. I think a lot of us are just looking for distraction while we get through our days. I love it when I find other people creating cool distraction on the webs.

This happened yesterday, bit of discussion going on facebook about ghosts in my house.

Grinding through physical therapy a little differently this time, alternating therapists with very different methods with instructions from the therapist who first assessed me this go-round. I feel like I'm working harder and recovering faster than the last couple of years of physical therapy, but I can also tell my pain tolerance is slipping. Is that a good thing? I used to be able to tolerate continual soul draining pain, and now I get crabby over little pain spikes. I'm hoping that means I'm getting used to feeling better and that my body finds it unacceptable to allow backsliding. Like doing computer work, sitting here sucketh mightily on my neck and the back of my skull after holding burrito so much a few days ago. I mean, it has always hurt to sit and I have to keep getting up and moving around, but I almost feel like I'm being punished now trying to work, which means I'm taking it personally. That leads to bitterness and anger and the dark side, so I need to get my head straightened back out. This one clicks to pinterest if you want to grab it.

Amusingly, I should probably confess that as my capabilities have increased, so has my demand on my output, and I'm probably so intensely focused that I'm not realizing I'm hurting myself locking into position like this. I'm probably lucky I have a body that screams at me. I know people who eat what they want and do what they want and never really notice discomfort beyond a little heartburn, but it's getting a little scary how many people we know who are suddenly dropping dead in their 50's now. Maybe it's a good thing to feel DISCOMFORT. Unless you medicate in order to ignore it so you can keep on doing what you're doing.

Ok, going off on a bleak tangent was not my intention. I can tell this is going to be a rough day, so I need to stay busy. Back to the lists!!!


  1. Slowing down a tiny bit would be ok... but I am so happy you have been feeling better <3

    1. You jinxed me! >=l I crashed for a hard nap on the couch like I haven't crashed in a very long time and now I'm wandering around the house in a daze wondering what day it is and what I was going to do. And eating cheese. The eating cheese part is nice.

    2. Oh, I am so sorry! Dazes are not always a bad thing. Now I need to go find some cheese! :-)