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Sunday, September 14, 2014


I knew I had a lot of sox, but this was an eye opener. Yes, 3 drawers. The left drawer is my big fuzzy heavy cold weather sox. Middle drawer is full of fun footies. Right drawer is matchy dress sox. I'm pretty sure I have over 100 pairs of sox now. For some reason my sox obsession gets people excited and I wind up with some super cool gift sox that I've never seen before, which is awesome fun. Anyway, thank goodness for the new dresser. I pinned this to my sox board.

Got a little over 200 pix moved off my phone over the weekend, still a little over 200 left. Yes, mostly grandkid pix. I get to see everything, like-

the mosquito bites,

and the face after a beefaroni choking scare.

This weekend has just blown up all to pieces with me bouncing around recurring outbreaks after the initial wheat allergy on Thursday. Yesterday I wasn't anywhere near anything wheaty and started hard flushing while I was eating other stuff I've eaten for years, this time including chocolate and eggs in the ingredients, and since airway tried to get mildly involved, I finally decided after an hour maybe better go let someone know... Clinic sent me to ER in transport (good grief) and there I got another big solumedrol shot. Everything looks good, but I did get the COMMAND to get back on the high prednisone dosing as prescribed. All I have to say is "autoimmune" and "allergic reaction" and *bing*, all over it.

In the event I come across even more excitable and obsessive over the next 12 days (hopefully not crabby), it's pertinent for me to let everyone know I'm not a happy high dose prednisone camper and don't handle the stepping down dosing very well. I've already lost 6 pounds since Thursday just trying to avoid wheat and now being even more terrified to put anything else in my mouth, especially since I woke up with a new rash down one leg. My plans are to go super paleo for the time being, stick to basic home cooked NOT prepackaged meats and veg, and I'll definitely be taking blood sugar readings several times a day because of the prednisone. I'll hafta severely restrict and monitor carbs because steroid + diabetes can be a disaster. (I am intolerant of diabetes meds.) It's really not that hard, I wrote about figuring out how to do it. Diabetes and Steroid Meds

Back to fun stuff! I haven't set my team yet!!! And then laundry and writing and all kinds of stuff.

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