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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

rolling with the punches

Yesterday was my hottest week to date on my new mobile viewing Lexx fan blog copied over from the original on Xanga while I still wait for tech support upgrade problem stuff to iron out.

The night before I snipped that, I purchased the previously owned lexxperience dotcom to point traffic to my Lexxperience blog. It expired long ago enough that there is no cache left of what was in it. No idea if my little jump in traffic overnight came from people still trying to click that dotcom or not.

None of my stat counters match at all. This one (above) that is an internal part of blogger is probably the most accurate for identifying devices and browsers and countries of origin, but doesn't show me landing pages or IPs. It's only 6 weeks old so I'm surprised at the amount of info I'm already able to see. My stats have gone through such a nasty grind, it's good to see numbers again. I got to where I was getting several thousand hits a week on the original blog, which is pretty good for a 'dead' TV show, but that naturally plummeted with the server migration and the fans thought another site just simply went down or disappeared for a couple of months. I've worked really hard to get it back up to nearly a thousand hits in 6 weeks.

Today I start physical therapy back up again after a couple months off. I've been doing PT for 8 weeks at a time several times a year for 2 years. Lots of changes have been going on, really good ones. I've never done it while I'm dosed up on a prednisone taper. I'll have to move a dental cleaning next week because of the prednisone so I can avoid unnecessary antibiotics. 

So far the weight is just melting off and I'm not even trying. The nutrition counselor wants me to stay at 1500 calories a day and get at least 130 mg of carbs a day. Well, when you cut something like wheat completely out, it's almost hard to eat that much. I have a list of unlimited veggies I can eat, I don't even bother counting calories or carbs with them. I love salads stuffed with with cauliflower and radishes and big ol' messes of fried brussels sprouts and onions, so I'm able to feel full whenever I want. Made a nice soup yesterday with 3 kinds of meat in it- burger, brats, and chicken- with some celery and carrots in it and have eaten to my heart's content and still losing. I even got into a box of Kix for a snack. As long as I hold the portion down on anything carby, I'm fine.

Also really cool how my fasting glucose dropped right back into the 80's as soon as I cut wheat. 88 yesterday, 84 today. Wheat apparently is not my friend. I had avoided it for awhile at first because I was restricting carbs anyway, but it snuck back in when both girls got pregnant and had babies, and this last summer, even though I've been holding down to one or two cookies at a time, that was enough to destroy the good I had done. My fasting glucose was back up around 115 and I had put a little weight back on that wouldn't come back off. I know this sounds cliche, but I'm almost thankful I suddenly started reacting like crazy every time I put something wheat in my mouth. I had the flushing, some airway involvement, and even a couple of rashes for two weeks before we finally got it controlled. Seem to be doing fine now. Still doubled up on zyrtec, still on 60 mg prednisone for now, but thankfully have relief. I guess my body finally just said enough, didn't want to go back to the dark place I'd been years before, full of ketones and misery and illness and pain.

Thunder rolling through. I'm trying to wake up again. Boinged awake at 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep until around 5, then back up around 6:30, not boinged at all. Kinda dragging now. Need to wash my hair and get out the door. Looks like rain all day. I'd better get going. Click this to see more beautiful art.

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