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Monday, September 22, 2014

autumn barbie

50 chilly degrees at my house this morning! Looks like that's a thing all week. The chart clicks to intellicast.com.

This is the most nearly black I've been drinking my coffee in my whole life. A week and a half of that isn't making me any fonder of it at all. I'm not adapting. I've been drinking coffee-milk since I was a child, and black coffee just isn't a pleasant morning beverage to me. I'm mostly needing to severely restrict carbs while I'm on prednisone, so this is temporary for about another week. I must be honest and say this is still better than the year I had to cut coffee out completely. I've had to cut many things out of my life, but coffee is one I've been able to allow back in over and over without terrible consequences, thank goodness. You'd think my coffee board on pinterest would be brimming over with luv, but I'm super lazy about pinterest. I really need to catch that up this week.

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I miss a LOT of stuff. This year I'm missing my dad's 85th birthday, and I just missed a wedding, because I'm on a big load of prednisone. I've been so sick for months in the past with stuff that knocks other people down for only a few days or a week that I don't dare get out and mingle on this stuff. Just wanna say to everyone who complains about social media blitzes and selfies and food pix and whatevs on friend and family sites- shut up. There are so many more of us who lurk through that are so grateful there is a way to 'be there' with people now. We live in a golden age, and I embrace it. Life can be very beautiful, but we've got to want to see it.

Time to pull my day together with a Plan. I split-shifted my sleep last night, conked before 8 pm and slept 4 hours, then got up and worked for 3 hours, then conked for another 4 hours. That's the most sleep I've gotten in one 24 hour period in ages. I've got a little burrito recovery to do with the house, get food organized for meals this week, get a birthday box off to my dad, and keep grinding through this neverending file transfer project.

I haven't been putting vids up on posts lately because I've been keeping the house really quiet. My ears have been ringing like crazy on this prednisone and listening to music has been feeling like work because of it. However, this song is on my brain and I'm enjoying listening to it, so maybe I'm about past the weird stuff. Despite a couple of almost nasty mood swings last couple days (poor Scott, bless his heart), this is the best I've ever felt on a prednisone taper, and this cool autumny sunshine is perfect today. Time to git bizzy.


  1. I missed the wedding reception because I had too much anxiety to stay. :/

    1. Anxiety sucketh, I hear ya. I've left many places bcuz of that.

  2. just keeping moving, baby steps are just as good, the sun will come out soon :)

  3. Hope this is the turning of the corner! And I LOVE the falling leaves and little leaf mover! You find the best stuff :) Have a great week Jan!