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Thursday, September 25, 2014

a Jeff kind of morning

Quite often my day is all about someone else tagging me on twitter and sending me vaulting off in various directions. THIS IS SO COOL, thanx Jeff Faria for tweeting it. Clicking the pic goes to a site that sells a variety of super awesome specialty rolling pins, including Halloween, robots, and even personalized.

Jeff is author of Patriots of Mars and has a blog you can follow and a facebook page you can like. Click the pic for more info as it arrives.

I'm not being paid to link, no exchange or swap, but this is helping me wake up while I gather all of my brain back in after an exciting burrito day yesterday. I hit the wall pretty hard around one-ish and my brain kamakazied and I never saw it again. I slept hard last night (a blessing during prednisone taper), but not sure my brain is even in the same room with me yet, so thank goodness Jeff tagged me bright and early with these boys.

Time for coffee and a Plan. Today I'm making homemade caramel sauce to dip local Honeycrisp apples and constructing my fave hotdish, maybe I'll get pix for a recipe post later. I've officially started my very sparse Christmas shopping, because by the time November gets here I'll be permanently brainless up through January. I know this from years of experience, have learned to just swing with it. Need to keep crunching through the transfer as long as my arms will hold out on the keyboard. They kinda feel like rubber from so much burrito yesterday.
Okaaayyyy... just got a nudge from ask.fm, but the question is blank. I am surprised to see I have 13 followers.

Ah, here comes my left frontal cortex. Now is a good time to maybe get a shower and start organizing my kitchen for massive yum construction. Y'all have a good day.


  1. I need advice on how to make popcorn balls! My party is Sunday, so how soon should I make them?

    1. As long as you tied them up in little snack bags, popcorn balls keep really well for several days.