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Sunday, September 7, 2014

day bow bow

I might not have been paying attention when I was prepping coffee for this morning. *_O Little bit strong there.

This is why I'm so glad I moved my blog over to here so devices could see it. I have no idea why other browsers aren't logged, the total here accounts for less than a third of incoming. These charts are from stat counter, y'all need to install that on your blogs.

And the mobile stats break down into different ways your devices see the page, which is fun to click on. I'm learning a lot. I can also see stuff like this. I think the colorful charts are helping my brain absorb the coffee better.

We've got a burrito coming over to watch football with us while her mama enjoys football with friends. This is our chance to keep brainwashing her to the purple side.

Today we'll be snacking on BLTs with homegrown maters and I'm going to make our last batch of homemade ice cream for the season. I really hope I get a lot done today. Last couple days was like brain mush on antibiotic for ear and sinus infection, too wobbly to do much more than keep transferring files.

I've got the day bow bow song in my head. Let me spread the joy.

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