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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Being randomly added to G+ circles by the manager of Tengdi Machinery in Shijazhuang isn't weird at all...

My angst today, besides accidentally burning through my data plan a week early when I should have been using wifi, is about whether to keep Fasano as my tight end.

Last day on prednisone taper, yay! I've been slightly easily miffed last couple of days...

But it's all cool because I'm the Pink Shadow now.

My Mennonite hippie dad turned 85 this last week.

I keep stalling out on my pinterest catching-uppinging. Maybe I'll work on that today.

Kinda feeling the pre-holiday jitters. I'm down to the last 6-7 weeks now before my brain dissolves into koolaid and my uselessness prevails. Already having stress dreams about forgetting things and losing things and missing things and generally screwing things up. Since this is a real life pattern solidly established over the years and my family knows I'm not exaggerating in the least, I will try to hold my angsty self down to silliness. I hope some day when I really do lose my mind that I'm the sort of old person that laughs more easily than whines or frets or cranks. Brain training! Let it go! Enjoy the moment! Pinky!

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