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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

what are we doing today, Zuul?

One side of my head is going you lost the list, you lost the list. The other side is going- well... what do you want me to say? *egads* Better? And the first side is going DUDE, YOU LOST THE LIST, and the second side is going chillax, it's just a list...

There was a phone number on that list. Two, actually. It's probably happily buried in a Walmart trash bin by now after the floor got swept, says the chillaxed side of my head. The other side keeps hissing Unless some nimrod picked it up and thought it would be funny to call my publisher...

Speaking of publisher, I'm going to have to start using my pen name to pick up my dry cleaning. "Um, that's not mine." Beautiful clothes, though, I like purple. "That's not mine, either." Wow, the other me's dress nice. There are at least five other me's that I know of within a 100 mile diameter. I've taken home the wrong prescriptions, the wrong library books, gotten the wrong taxes, and yes, the wrong dry cleaning. All the other me's are respectable business professionals or conscientious mothers helping build community parks for the children or writing vacation bible school material or something. I'm running around in crazy t-shirts and building a fansite to a long over cult scifi show on the outer fringes of nice society. "Mine is just a gray sweater." *Just*. It's the coolest gray sweater I've ever seen. Sure hope one of the other me's didn't accidentally take it home and decide to keep it.

Speaking of sweaters, I have a sweater drawer now! I haven't had a sweater drawer in years. As the kids grew up they kept dumping stuff into my bedroom every time they cleaned out theirs, then all the moving in and out and back and forth, then babies coming, over long years my sweaters got nudged over and out until they hung on the backs of chairs all year long. Almost did a little dance Sunday when I realized I have a sweater drawer now. Then did another one when I ran into another empty drawer this morning. I still have an empty drawer! Sweeeeet. 

I am being taunted with phone pix of French toast. Not cool.

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