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Saturday, September 13, 2014

October looms

One of those clean off the phone days where I move what I can to pinterest and delete several hundred pix. Amazing how that can wear out your hands. If I weren't a blogger I'd spend most of my time on pinterest and photoshopping stuff. And if I weren't an internet person I'd be crocheting. This was a years-ago project. I haven't crocheted since.

So I'm curious whether I can lose 50 pounds by Christmas. The last time I had a major food allergy blow up on me and had to drastically change my diet I lost 50 pounds. If that happens I'll be fairly skinny again. That would be pretty sweet. In the meantime, every little bit I go through another "D'oh!" moment. The last d'oh was oh, punkin bread... 
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I am very distracted all the time now. Busy, busy, busy. Juggling while I tap dance. Losing track of time like crazy, forgetting to check my phone (usually on mute and notifications mostly off), starting to slip on which month it is again, writing appointments down on weeks that have already passed. I'm dreading October coming up, I think. Once I get past the 3rd I think I'll be ok. I don't use the word poignant a lot, I think it's been way overused by too many people in media. But this time of year has become excruciatingly poignant for me, and the moments stab me every time I look up and notice autumn coming. Yet I want to dive in head first and really feel autumn.

Keep moving! Stay busy! GET TO WORK! I stared out the window far too long all those years.

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