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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

autumn rhythm

Guess I've gotta make a wheat plan.  photo 19rolleyes.gif Thought I'd be able to keep using it for Scott and whoever else for holidays but the dust gets in the air and I get croupy when I get the flour out. Probably a good idea to switch out to flour substitutes. In the meantime, I'll use up the rest of what I've got and be really careful around it. Pretty sure I'll be mixing up my own substitute in case some of these places have nut facility warnings on them, bleah. I really don't use a lot of flour in my own diet, but it's nice being able to bread stuff before you fry it. I know I could bread with all parm, but that flavor across the board can wear a person out.

I. Need. Meat. I am so hungry. Yesterday my protein was a can of vienna sausages. Getting really tired of cheese. Still avoiding eggs while I take a break from allergen triggers. Milk is too carby for the prednisone. Definitely stopping by a grocery store on the way home from physical therapy. I've got visions of roast chicken and hotdishes dancing in my head.

Scott discovered over the weekend that the Pink Robots are playing Joe Namath's Coat in the Snarkalec fantasy baseball league championships. It's kinda funny because I don't think anyone in the league has paid attention for weeks, and now we have no clue who the Coat is. Scott is an ~avid~ year round fantasy player and took over my robots without a lot of resistance from me because I'm not a big baseball fan, but I run my own fantasy football team, the 790s. I'm in 8th place right now.

Having interesting dreams on this prednisone, like finding a set of pewter measuring spoons that look like dragons from antiquity, and twitter developing these cool root command functions that create pinterest-like options for multilayered convo tracking. My head is feeling so funky weird last couple of days tapering off this stuff, go into sensation overload and keep moving through stuff like a mindless automaton. As long as I get the bills mailed out...
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Gotta run, time for PT.

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