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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

shoe coasters and pie


Scott is one of those compulsive neat freaks that rearranges the basement every little bit. Our walk in closet is spotless. I've been teasing him for years about needing shoe coasters because I keep finding his shoes on top of mine, and it doesn't matter how muddy or grungy his shoes are, they wind up stacked neatly on top of my dress shoes and very expensive asics gels every time he unconsciously 'straightens'. I like neatly lining my shoes up, but I often scatter them into different areas of the house so they can catch a break and remain stack-free. I'm so used to this now it doesn't bother me, but the slippers caught my eye yesterday and cracked me up. Whole big bedroom, lots of empty floor in there...

This is what I'm talking about in fantasy baseball. Nobody has figured out yet who Joe Namath's Coat is, and he's stomping robot butt. 
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I'm nearing the end of the prednisone taper, 3 more days and hopefully I'm done. I conked for half an hour last night and then suddenly was wide awake again for several hours. I tried everything, but the only thing that finally got me nodding off again was, weirdly, a cup of coffee (at midnight) and getting into the aged gouda I picked up yesterday. If you have never tried aged gouda, it's totally worth it, even at $20 a pound. 

I'm also trying new coffee from a local gourmet roaster in Eureka Springs (also known as "Little Switzerland in the Ozarks"), click this logo to check out their site. I ground the beans fresh myself yesterday at Mama Jean's (I got the breakfast blend) and the first brew is already one of the loveliest coffees I've ever had, and I have tried a LOT of coffees.

Not getting paid to link any of that, lol, just sharing.

Good thing I couldn't sleep last night, got a late call, burrito's daycare is closed tomorrow because fever spike and sickie stuff, so today is a burrito day at my house, yay! I'm really good at early mornings, so I popped up when Scott got up for work at 4 and had a pie out by 5:30. YUM! Scott loves pecan pie and it's a rare thing around here because of my across the board nut allergy. I'm actually only confirmed on peanut and cashews (both real bad), but since most nuts are processed in a facility that also processes those other two, I am automatically exposed to severe allergens just being around any nuts in any form, including makeups and lotions. Thankfully, I can snip the pecans open and stir them in without having to touch them (but I still wash my hands after handling the package to be on the safe side), and voila, today we have pie.

Need to leave the house in a few minutes to get burrito. I'm ready!

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  1. I need to bake something today but I probably won't accomplish anything because I am still tired from yesterday's productivity. I went to a craft mall yesterday too and discovered the coolest thing-- a paper bag book. So if I do anything today it'll probably be more attempts at creating one.