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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

conquering resolutions

Scott said I was kinda rude in the furniture store, but I was so focused on sifting down styles, sizes, and prices that I guess I didn't notice salesmen were flying out of the way like bowling pins. I don't have time to say "I'm fine" 5 times to 5 different people who suddenly loom up in my face like video game disruptions, and then duke it out over who is gaming whom. Besides, it was a huge store, and the dressers were miles apart. I had to keep circling while I still had fresh images and figures in my glitchy brain. Anyway, that's another resolution down. You can click this pic to see it on the website if you want details.

So now I've got about 10 days to get on top of where that will need to go in my bedroom. Time to fly through everything that has piled up in my life on the side over the last couple of years while we've been distracted with burrito stuffs. 

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