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Saturday, September 6, 2014

so don't poke me with a stick

This is disappointing. Would be nice if it would snap right back in place, but apparently I have to disassemble a tiny screws assembly for that.
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I would just lay it in place and use them, but I got mildly shocked a few times already before it even came off, so no...

I keep poking myself to see if I can set off waves of panic yet, but nothing is happening, so maybe everything is going to be ok. Or maybe I'm already so calloused I can't feel the panic any more. Or maybe it's the zyrtec I'm back on. I've been told it crosses the brain barrier and calms anxiety. At any rate, I should be in panic mode flying like a bat outa hell all over this laptop, but I'm not. I am still working on a daily moving schedule, though, loads more files to transfer, dreading the hmtl fixes I'll be wading through. In my head I picture it like standing in mud over my knees in hipboots while I patiently thread tiny little string with tiny little lures and hope I don't drop them in the mud. The server move and then the consequential editor update were not kind. Many hours of coding work were not only lost, but jumbled up a little bit. Transferring the html to a whole different editor is like putting it into a blender, and then I hafta unravel a gobbledygook mess. I keep telling myself that another 5000 views will be worth it. That's how many hits I had on the last survey I posted before the big move a year ago, and that wasn't paid promotion or linked anywhere solid at all. Free traffic? Heck yeah, I wanna salvage that!
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Shifting gears. So 5 hours total with tech support this week, and I still can't tell if anything actually happened. All I want is my $104.21 back. I thought part of the problem was my phone, but when I used Scott's I got the same problem with billing, utterly dismal connection that was so smeared and staticky that both of us were having each other repeat things for an hour. Kinda looking like they do that on purpose. Y'all imagine Sheldon Cooper on a phone with several tech support departments for 5 hours. That's me. When someone asks if you want to 'cancel the account', and you try to get out of them that you're not canceling an actual account but really canceling a key code that lets you renew a subscription to an preexisting account that you DON'T want canceled and they can't understand why in the world you don't just agree to cancel the account... the omg facepalming grew exponentially when I threw antibiotic into the mix. I have the patience of Job. I will debate with you for hooouuuurrrssss. You guys have no idea how badly people hate me. The last chick was throwing her phone against the wall and nearly screaming at me several times because I couldn't just let her 'cancel my account'.

Several months ago I asked one exasperated tech on the phone how could I trust him to do something for me when we couldn't agree on the definition of what he was about to do in the first place. When I said it to him like that, it suddenly became clear to him that our language didn't match. When tech support or billing don't use product definitions the same way that floor associates use them, words start meaning 2 and 3 different things. When it saw a floor tech in person yesterday, he totally got what I was saying immediately, and agreed that billing was saying it wrong. In fact, he was blown away by how stupid the whole problem sounded. But since that retailer offers no online billing support and the stores no longer solve billing issues that aren't physical returns, like purchasing a key code online, the only way I can reverse the purchase is over the phone with people who have no clue how disparately they are representing the product and the sale.

I'm apparently still in super aspie mode and will probably continue to be like this till the antibiotic is out of my system. Now's not a good time to poke me with a stick. People who know me fear the lengthy discussions I wind up prodding them over where they got the stick, why they picked up that particular stick, what they thought they'd get out of poking me with the stick, and whether the stick actually exists.


  1. Isnt technology great. Give me two Dixie cups and a string and I will be happy. Almost done and then I go poof.

    1. I love tech, but the interface supporting it drives me batty. ;)