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Monday, September 29, 2014

pinterest is saving my gramma life

First day off the prednisone, yay! 17 days on steroid and no weight gain, but I know I'll still hafta watch it for awhile because rebound. Still doing zyrtec around the clock just to be on the safe side. Still haven't had any chocolate and only a couple eggs (possible triggers). Speaking of eggs, I'm somehow caught up to the hens and looks like I might even have to pick up a dozen eggs in town this week. The rest of the gang had big ol' pancake, bacon, and egg breakfasts a few times, plus I made cupcakes last week, so the eggs are gone.

This clicks to my Pinky board.

When I first discovered pinterest I was very skeptical, but especially since I've had grandkids and now all the pictures being texted to me every day, pinterest is the fastest and easiest way to organize and store them. I moved 400 pix off my phone yesterday, was pretty brutal on the eyes and wrists, but that's because I was flying so fast doing it. Bing, bing, BAM, a ton of pictures moved. In the old days I'd have laboriously uploaded to photobucket. Don't get me wrong, I love photobucket, but pinterest is da bomb, especially now with secret boards, board sharing, and auto locate if you want it.

Scott walked by while I was updating board covers on my laptop and saw his board and almost freaked out that I'd put THAT picture out there (vanity is a funny thing, isn't it? lol), and then went WHEW it's not like anybody ever sees it... Um, well.... Pinterest gets more hits than anything else I've got, actually.

Gotta run, but that doesn't mean you have to. This is cute.

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