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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Random thoughts while I work today-

6:17 Just noticed my phone is set on airplane mode. ???

6:57 Still trying to remember an if-then conundrum I thought of around 6:05 in the bathroom and couldn't get a page started here fast enough to remember it a minute later. I have hopes. Keeping this page open just in case.

7:05 Checking one of my emails, very rare limited peppermint honey is back, grab it while they've still got some. Yes, I've ordered Hawaiian honey before. I'm a foodie. It's an awesome site, click the pic to check it out.

7:09 I could slap myself for being so quick on the trigger finger, going through my spam stack and had just deleted a line that said Tony left a message on the SnarkFF fantasy board just before that highlighted line there. How coincidental is that???

If you don't have a clue, it's ok, rogue robot being weird. If you don't know what that means either, that's fine, it just means you aren't one of the lurkers that has crawled all over everything I write all over the internet over the last year. It's cool. Yeah, that's a prompt to go dig around if you wanna know that badly. I'll wait. Hang on, lemme get my elevator music while I wait.

Those of you thinking I'm being a slacker instead of working on my live tweet review, syfydesigns.com crashes when more than so many people get on at once, so I wait for the traffic to clear out before I start on the next panel. Just hold your horses.

8:14 I'm really sad that idea I forgot isn't coming back to me.  photo monkey14.gif

8:24 I just remembered something I wanted to tell @bonenado this weekend but I still can't remember what I thought of just this morning. We were cleaning up after burrito went home and he was wondering where a ball was that went to a game that had several balls in descending order, and I meant to tell him later "Oh yeah, remember when she put it in that jug and I didn't know it and poured bacon grease all over it and we threw it away?", but he wasn't in the room when I thought of it and then I forgot till just now. I live like this. I might remember two months later that I laid a paper I needed to fill out on a certain counter, but by then it's too late because I scooped it up with a bunch of other stuff and moved it somewhere else two weeks earlier, and I can't remember what I did with that stuff. I've been told by doctors looking at brain scans that I have a healthy brain with normal aging and no one thinks I have Alzheimer's onset or anything, no signs of strokes, but my memory is shocking. I think it runs in the family. My mom once told me her mother once brushed her teeth with Preparation H, she was always grabbing things without looking at them. I come home with random cans of why in the world did I buy that because I'm not looking specifically at what my hand is reaching for because I'm already looking down the aisle while I shop.

Here, have another crack vid while I get to work.

8:43 I just remembered that what triggered the whole 8:24 thing was that I was about to cook some bacon. Going back to the stove now.

9:06 Just thought how everything is forever in the cloud and remembered the idea I forgot might have had something to do with reincarnation. That's as far as it got, but it's a good start.

9:16 If reincarnation by some law of physics of which we are not yet aware requires that our effervescence must remain in a closed system, is the system closed to our particular universe, our particular location in said universe (quadrant, region, local...), or a completely different closed set that has nothing to do with our physical spacetime but everything to do with our spacetime being a subset of another system or vice versa, is there a way to tell if it is truly circular or linear, and how would we know?

I ask this because- as I was catching up on Ancient Aliens last night where they were reviewing Edward Cayce's dream-prophecy-memory that there is a room beneath the Sphinx (or beneath one of the Sphinxes) that is like a library full of info, and by the way said the Sphinx was created around 10,400 B.C. which some archeologists are now finding evidence for that same date saying at least 10,000 B.C. based on weathering and star formation measurements the tunnels are based on- we are assuming that one proven truth implies other truth based on nothing more than an association that has no other connection than that one proven truth. Part of the speculation arising is that future actually affected past and they keep looking for the buried technology that will answer all these questions. Remote viewing is a very real thing, it's documented and tested and has been used by military and crime investigations. No one knows how it works, no one can pin any kind of truth on it except that it does get some results, but we are usually not in tune enough with it for it to be a reliable tool.

9:31 I am loathe to enter on loseit.com that I just ate a third of a pound of bacon while I was wrestling all that out on the keyboard. I still don't exactly remember the idea that popped into my head earlier, which was one very beautifully constructed sentence that conveyed all the heft of that thought. I was hoping all that writing would trigger it, but alas. I'll just get back to work.

10:10 I need another vid. Hang on.

10:31 It's still only 25 degrees out and 'real feel' is 13. I'm freezing.

11:22 My feet don't like working out on really cold days. Hit my foot wall at 20 minutes. >=l Wimps. Oh, well, BACK TO WORK. Sweet, just about to turn the mile ticker.

11:54 I'm giving up on remembering that sentence. It's like my disengaged brain is mimicking dream mode and something floats through but stays in the subconscious part when I try to grasp it and keep it. Afternoons are like partial shut down and coasting through the rest of the day, so I guess I'll go look around for some lunch and do some more chores. Got pork steaks out to smother in BBQ sauce tonight, salad, apple crisp, feed up my mighty hunter when he gets home from work because season opens tomorrow. Thanx for hanging around, have another awesome vid on you're way out.

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