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Friday, November 14, 2014

camo season



I had no idea. I feel so behind the times now. You knew you could click those, right?

I have apparently been misunderstanding vital interacting components of state laws and the Gregorian calendar all week, thought gun season opened today. Or maybe it's the way Scott jumps around in convos while we're walking around Walmart and says "Uh-huh" and then butts in and mows over the words I'm saying when I ask questions. I actually asked in surprise last weekend, "Gun season opens on a Friday this year?" and he actually said "Yes", but that interaction was smashed into all kinds of other stuff going on. You'd think I'd learn. Last night he couldn't believe that I thought gun season opened today. Our whole marriage is based on this conversation technique. Aspie chick marries ADHD motorbrain, 21 years of wibbly wobbly timey wimey.... stuff. He smashes several conversation topics into one convo stream in real life the same way twitter does. I just wish I could go back to time stamps and show him how our misunderstandings start getting tangled up. He gets very annoyed that I tell him he said the exact same thing last year about something, like next year he's going to target practice through the summer with his bow and go bow hunting, and then he says that again the next November and doesn't remember he said it the year before. This has happened so many years in a row that one year I got a piece of paper out, wrote that quote, made him sign and date it, and put it on the fridge. We walked by it so many times it became invisible, and *bam*, he said it again, I put that piece of paper in his face and laughed. He really hates when I do that.

As per yesterday's blog post, yes, I can remember details like that, but I can't remember one idea that pops into my head long enough to get it written down. I can remember seeing something several months or years ago and go straight to it, even if I can't remember details about where it was, and I can remember words people say or things I've read like a tape recorder, but I can't remember what day it is, what month it is, what I've done through the day, or what I was just thinking. I can't remember faces I've seen or people's names, but I can remember what they wrote on twitter four months ago and actually find the tweet.

This is actually for sale on blu-ray.

Sorry, was actually looking for deer hunting fails, lol. Here you go.
It turned out to be a rescued fawn after its mother was hit by a car and wasn't afraid of humans, so it turned out to be a real pet.
FAIL, lol.
Super fail. They make it look so easy on TV.
Be safe out there.

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