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Friday, November 21, 2014

your braincation before the big holiday time crunch

I was bored and passing the time yesterday evening waiting for Scott to get home (12 hour workdays this week), had already amused myself with cats in Christmas trees (hilarious), pink Christmas trees (super cool), and moved on to redneck Christmas trees and found some fun stuff.

@bonenado would be jealous of this.

Redneck gingerbread house, clicks to more great pix.


And then I found tesla trees....

And naturally zoomed in on the robot. This is cool, click the pic for instructions.

Next thing you know I was lost in trucker Christmas. (The real Santas, right?)

It would be cute to hide little snacks in there.

I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Here you go.


  1. Can you imagine one of those rigs coming up behind you on a dark highway? Ho ho ho mothereffers....

    1. Since I live in the heart of the nation I see a LOT of big trucks =) Some of them are decked up and pimped out like you wouldn't believe.