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Monday, November 17, 2014

we all know Pinky is an @AndrewLeePotts fan, but WIRELESS, y'all

Cool discussion last night with Janeen about how restrictions like poetry and twitter discipline us to improve our writing skills. I think that's why I love the challenge of so many different kinds of writing places.

Today is all about getting this week's menu lined out. Next week is Thanksgiving, and my goal this year is to have an empty refrigerator by turkey time, so I'm taking freezer inventory and calculating how much of what to cook up how quickly so that we eat well before then and still use up the leftovers before more monumental leftovers take over. I'm cooking the works here for the sake of pictures because it's a big deal for burrito and her mama, and then @bonenado will undoubtedly bring home yummy leftovers if he winds up enjoying more family turkeyness.

This week is crazy. Scott is working 12 hour days because Walmart ordered MOAR BLACK FRIDAY TAPE to wrap around the skids of merch that must be placed correctly at the proper moments. He's also planning on putting some lights up on both ours and his mom's house, plus get all the leaves out of the yard before turkey day. Deer gun season is still on, so he's going to try to go out again this weekend, and then there is the Turkey Trot to prepare for.

In my head my life is like this. That clicks to an absolutely beautiful page and you can make that, too.

Are you guys following Andrew Lee Potts' web series "Wireless"? I'm watching the construction as the funding comes in for it, here's what they've done so far.

10 months ago, the first glimpse.

3 months ago, the first teaser.

3 months ago, episode one teaser trailer.

2 days ago, episode two teaser trailer.

If you are 1- an Andrew Lee Potts fan, 2- excited that a real person can show you real returns for your donation, and 3- thrilled that you could get your name publicly listed in this project, click this next pic to go to Keychain Productions and check it out. The rest of us anxiously waiting for more Wireless will be grateful for your generosity.

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