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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am the first person on the webs to use the phrase 'scifi mirepoix'

Ah, that silly internet. I finally go check my email and wind up wondering what in the world could have possibly connected that page to my last year's Shorty Award nomination enough to get a google alert about it. It's a cute table, click this snip and go check it out. No, I'm not getting one. And no, it's not time for shorty awards for bloggers yet. I think there is an artificial intelligence behind this whole twilighty zone thing and it is taunting me. Or it could be the virus. I never did get a fever yet.

Been a slow day, never did go defcon 1 but I was wobbly and queasy enough to go back to bed most of the day. I tried getting up a couple of times because the dreams were too weird, finally wobbled up around 3 and started bumping into things around my kitchen and on the interwebs, and about the time I started feeling guilty for wasting a day NOT WORKING (seriously, I admonished myself and then argued back that I don't have to feel guilty for one little sick day, and look at me, here I am knitting my brain back into one piece anyway), I noticed Gary Graham still hasn't got his blog linked on his dotcom, so now I don't feel like such a slacker.

Dear Sumall- I already beta tested the new configuration stuff last year and I'm too swamped to keep up with learning more new stuffs. Thanx for offering me some more cool free services, but I'm up to my eyeballs in cool free services, so I'm gonna say no this time. I wish you all the best, and maybe I'll use you guys for some real stuff later on if I ever get this book done. Hugs and kisses.

I shouldn't have checked my email while I'm sick, felt like getting lost in the forest or something. I still have nightmares about missing college classes and being late to work at Sonic and that was two decades ago, my stress level over making and losing lists of accounts that have yearly fees can't go higher than it already is. I really need to get my mind off, sick days are horrible for sudden realizations that I've lost another list and need to make another new one. o-m-g In my head I'm staggering around wringing my hands, I can't even imagine being calm and sane right now. Fortunately I'm still way too queasy to jump up and start plowing through drawers and piles of papers. How much money is enough to get an assistant? I'm sure I'd have to offer benefits. No wonder chicken ladies go crazy and move into hen houses. Maybe I should've stayed in bed. In another 20 years I'll have nightmares about moving blogs and writing books and suddenly remembering fees are due on accounts I forgot I had. That's actually kind of cracking me up. My head gets extra weird when I have a virus. *oh*mygod do NOT put 'weird head virus' into a search. Just don't. (Well, it is kinda funny that Weird Al wound up in there...) Here, have something much more innocuous.

I'm just gonna say it- Kevin Sorbo has connected with me and Holly on LinkedIn. I'm pretty sure a couple of my connections started with me being a huge fan of my favorite scifi mirepoix of outspoken Hollywood conservatives (Ambassador Soval, Jayne Cobb, and Dylan Hunt), but who knows. It might be as random as that google alert sending me to buy an accent table or Kevin Smith hooking up on myspace. I don't question these things, I just believe in the interconnectedness of all things, like Dirk Gently. I can't believe I still haven't puked yet, maybe I'll get through this without having to. I don't know why I'm still typing.

:edit: 11-12-14
In the event of a real defcon emergency, here is where you check the internet for defcon level. Need more info? Going DEFCON 6: Not What You Think It Means. Here is the DEFCON Reference Chart. I hope y'all understood I was talking about puking. Don't quote me that we're under nuclear attack.

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