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Sunday, November 23, 2014

I need a Missy spinoff so bad #DoctorWho

It's hard to keep my mind on turkey with all this angst we've been left hanging with.

Here is the link to that article --> Nine big questions raised by Doctor Who finale Death in Heaven Of course I've started rewatching everything Twelve because of the things Missy said, especially toward the end.

So one thing that article didn't mention- the Master's relationship with the Doctor evolving the way it did. I have every hope and belief that however sick and twisted it gets, their past is now wide open to interpretations we never imagined in our wildest dreams. Well, maybe a few rabid shippers out there have, lol. I'm sure Moffat will have wonderful sport with us ripping more threads loose to tie up.

Meanwhile, I have found this gem. Legs Nose Robinson is taking Who fandom to an even tizzier level, and I love it. This is my Thanksgiving theme song this year.

You're welcome.  photo 9smirk.gif

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