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Thursday, August 28, 2014

post pred pause

Three hours of sleep last night. Prednisone withdrawal took over about 5 hours after the last post, which was 2 days ago. Not my first rodeo, mostly you just grit your teeth and keep telling yourself it's not a stroke or cancer and point your brain at anything distracting.

I've gotten about 40 hours worth of html and settings grunt work done in the last 24 hours, a nice byproduct of my brain feeling like a Chinese lantern whirring 90 mph. I'm hoping I can get another catnap pretty quick, tiptoeing delicately around anything stimulating now in hopes the fireworks show is about finished and I can settle back into some kind of biorhythm. Kaspersky stopped the link to this next one, sorry. It'll melt your device, so I just saved your life by not linking it.

I'm left with an awful craving for sweets, so I'm being very careful. My eyes are inhaling stuff into the growing vacuum in my brain now, everything around me quakes in existential fear, knowing that if science proves we really are living in a hologram, that donut is toast whether I think I'm eating it or not.

So you guys know this is National Ghostbusters Day, right? Did you know there is all kinds of pink Stay Puft out there? Get your marshmallow geek on, people.

If you see me up on twitter, yell at me to get off the phone and take a nap.

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