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Saturday, August 23, 2014

pinky rainbows and kittens and unicorns

New blog home, yay! Feels like a Ferrari. This is a continuation of my personal blog on Xanga, which sadly doesn't support mobile viewing yet.

I'm still fussing over the font. I could manually input html, or I could attempt to CSS override, or I could settle down and accept change after ten years of my fave font. Crowded fonts crowd my visual processing, I feel like I'm in bottlenecked traffic if my eyes don't slide easily over the font. I know several people who mock Comic Sans, I don't get why.

Hit 103 at my house yesterday, and that wasn't counting 'real feel' and heat index. Maybe both of those are the same thing. My chickens have eaten a whole watermelon this week. What can you do? We discovered kittywigs.com to keep ourselves amused.

I was a really bad girl yesterday. I've been doing so well lately, and utterly worn out with round the clock antihistamines, so I've been taking longer and longer breaks if I'm just hanging around the house. So I hadn't had anything yesterday. And I suddenly spelunked into a whole load of something I hadn't eaten in a long time. And there it was, airway probs, slamming benadryl, driving myself to a clinic, they pushed intravenous steroid and more benadryl, and I wobbled home as wasted as if I'd had a handful of xanax. And then I was up from midnight to about 4 this morning, and I'm still whizzing around like an amazon delivery drone. Not terribly conducive to sitting around watching the Doctor Who marathon. You know how Eleven couldn't sit still in The Power of Three? That's me this weekend. About 2:30 in this is me.

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