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Friday, March 27, 2015

helping you get through Friday afternoon at work

So you wanna fill out a quick bio but you're not sure what to say. Let the professionals help! Robot twitter accounts have made a science out of filling out bios. In fact, I'd bet these are fourth graders doing hi-tech billionaire home school tutorials on how to conquer the world. Just follow these simple guidelines.

Both have 11 words that make four distinct phrases.
Common words- bacon, wannabe, alcohol, fanatic
Words with similar meanings- specialist, maven
Cool kid words- ninja, practitioner
Double meaning phrases- social media scholar, twitter lover, pop culture
Words that can't go into the same bio together- certified & unapologetic
Words left over- coffee, twitter

You can learn from this how to set up a bio that targets quick audiences. Obviously, bacon is the top word anyone can and should be using. Begin and end your bio with tie-in words, the way specialist and scholar go together, and fanatic and lover go together. Wannabe is critical for grabbing followers who will identify with your struggle. Pick one- certified or unapologetic, but don't mix them in the same bio. Be sure and sprinkle in other top words like coffee or twitter.

In case you are still screaming bored and cranky and want to keep being entertained, feel free to glue your eyeballs on this video and get sucked into weirdness. Have a nice day.

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