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Monday, March 23, 2015


This morning was all about the Tropical Pinky spring collection. When I go all Alfred Dunner and my sox match... That's like James Bond walking through in a tux and you know the guy has at least 5 different weapons and some kind of lethal toxin on him.

You can tell by this solid streak I'm leveling up. It's cool if my friends don't use my official Wizard title when addressing me.

Stuff, stuff, more stuff. Delete. Wish I had saved it. Oh, well, never mind.

This awesomeness arrived in the mail today. I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.

By the way, #TeamJanika is a thing now. I didn't invent the idea, I don't expect anyone to buy stuff, but it actually is a thing. I decided to play with it. IF by any chance under the sun I eventually get some kind of tiny paycheck out of it (I'm hardly serious, it would take forever), I will let the Team Commander decide what to do with it. I have a feeling he would disperse it to inside friends trying to make it to a party over the next couple of years.

My day has felt a week long. I'll try to repeat what I deleted as succinctly as possible. I learned today that if the 3.3cm generically termed 'cyst', that was accidentally discovered 7 weeks ago while looking for something else, is still there in 5 more weeks, I will wind up in a completely different and unrelated surgery than the one I'm actively trying to avoid in the meantime. If the original problem blows up within this time frame, I may wind up with a huge double thing going on, which would greatly extend risks, recoveries, treatments, and consequential therapies.

Growing accustomed to these ongoing forays into comedic timing and feeling like a cosmic bulls eye about has me to the point of meh, just stay busy doing stuff, because it never has boiled down to any of that yet. I've been eating my brassica veg and looking into fermented foods, I'm at the top of my game in bloodwork, I'm healthier now that I've been in the last 2 decades, so I just have to keep my head jammed in this laptop while time passes.

Video, different video, delete delete. Ok, this one is cool.

:edit: 3-24-15 I imagine the miracle that is Google Sync created this opportunity for Penney's to contact me after I made a link in this post... 


  1. That makes me very happy. Didn't want to unleash critical mass "Halo" device. Or cry, probably would have been cry...

    1. I'll let you know if it ever comes to fruition. =)