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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Star Trek be going all Renegades on the Horizon

Still keeping an eye on the Star Trek- Horizon movie, also on facebook. Release date tentatively set for 2015.

This is a different project from Star Trek- Renegades TV show (web series), also on facebook. Renegades has announced Star Trek Renegades will premiere in Europe at Fedcon May 22nd - 24th. Tim Russ, Manu Intiraymi, Sean Young and the Producer Sky Conway will be attending.

Gary Graham does NOT play Soval, in this one he's Ragnar.

Ok, TODAY. I really need to crank out the rest of that Thodin post. We've got some mild Bunny recovery to do after having her over here yesterday. Need to get ahead on some cooking so Scott will have yummy lunches for work. And I stalled out in the middle of a spring cleaning project, which makes me feel jumbled up for no reason, so finishing that up will bring that pleasant 'world is right' feeling back.

After a strange spring of no crocuses last year, @bonenado is all excited about several hundred sprouting like tiny out of control wildfires across the yard, so he's out stealing dirt *cough* I mean picking up some dirt from a dump pile up the road, maybe more basements or foundations being put in or something, and it won't be long till he's one with the yard. In years past he's come home with zoo doo. Not many people can boast being eccentric enough to spread elephant poop all over their yard. I felt like the smell the first week made us pretty unique.

You know that dirt commercial? That's Scott.

I am so far behind on checking in with other people's blogs and facebooks. In the meantime, a single notification tweet has sent me off another another wild romp through the ether.

Why yes, there IS a rubber duck-little pony smash.

It would be so cute to have Brunnen-G, Xev, Zev, and Stanley Tweedle LEXX rubber ducks. If I'm ever rich, I'm going to see if I can custom order one-offs like I did my t-shirt. That's a real thing.

I need some go music. Time to WORK.


  1. You should check out Star Trek: Axanar as well, Garay Graham also has a part in this one, looks amazing! - http://www.startrekaxanar.com/ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W1_8IV8uhA

    1. He does play Soval here! :-)

    2. Thanx for the link! =) That is really cool. Soval is my fave ever Vulcan.

  2. I really love him too! This movie is going to be awesome!