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Monday, March 16, 2015

my zombie immunity Jedi training is complete

It actually came down to hours and minutes, whether or not I could pull off a Walking Dead live tweet if I started barfing.

It all started with this cute little germ factory. No, that's not their dog. Neighbor had a spare floating around.

I missed all the urping at her house and all over my car when grampa was driving them around, thank goodness, so Bunny recovery at my house was a cinch. What is the coinkydink that we'd both wind up with super matching sox at the same time?

So I had all kinds of yummy stuff at my house while @bonenado went to a draft party Saturday, and Bunny's mama filled up on taco nachos, bbq sliders, brownies... Saturday was an awesome food day.

@bonenado had a great food day, too, brought home a giant salad after the draft and munched out after the girls went home. Somewhere in the night they both asploded, and I realized Sunday morning that I dare not eat a thing for a countdown of hours until the danger passed. I've tried this before with moderate success- if you know it's coming, get as empty as you can before it all starts. If there's nothing in there cooking germs in your gut, there's nothing to hafta violently purge, yea verily.

It WORKED. Well, I had to eat *something* so I stuck to one tiny little carton of yogurt every 4-5 hours. That and I cranked up the fluid volume because they say the biggest danger of any norovirus is dehydration, right?

If my infection time had followed @bonenado's, I'd have just made it past the live tweet, but I could tell that if I'd have eaten anything more, I'd have been out of the game 2 hours before it started. I've gone a whole 'nuther 12 hours past and still nothing, so I'm gonna call this my most successful defcon ever. I may not be out of the woods yet, but I'm this close to passing the symptom time range. I urge you all to try this for yourselves when the stomach bug hits your household. Report back to me at your convenience.

Meanwhile, in Gotham...

Batman Reacts
Yeah, no idea what that was about.

This weekend's getting-through-all-this-craziness theme has been

1 comment:

  1. Hope you guys feel better soon!
    Swig plenty of velvety pink fluid out of a triangular bottle!