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Saturday, March 28, 2015

gen alpha Bunny to the rescue

#TeamJanika continues to be a thing.

That's right, my feet all over your mug.

I've spent the last 24 hours torn over whether to let go of trying to get permission from Peter Lopez to hire his awesome Rosette Nebula colorization as a book cover and just go with an awesome stock image whose licensing and processing fee is already included in my contract. Super aspie is having a really hard time letting go. Funny how photographic art can carve its way into someone's soul.

While part of me slumps into minor introspection on how the gloomy weather reflects my current mood, another part of me popped up and said 'Hey, we haven't opened that funky cheese from Holland yet', and whadayaknow, I'm sitting here feeling better nibbling on heavenly rock hard and sock smelly aged gouda and sipping a delightful cup of tea. Oh, dang, I just now remembered I have some jasmine tea tucked away. That would have been even better.

But seriously, when does cheese not fix everything?

Aaaaaand self indulgent malaise time is over. Bunny is on her way, yay! Gen Alpha in da haus.

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