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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm not saying it was aliens

It was really my guys working on a tower issue because

I mean, I'm assuming that's why they were working on a tower issue. Coincidentally, an old radio from 2006 had been swapped out for a new radio just the day before, so I was relieved it turned out to be a tower issue and not the new equipment. And that, my friends, is #lifeinthewoods internet.

Star Trek Renegades is a thing. Or hoping to about to be a thing.

The rest of this is me rambling while I wait for an appointment.

I wrote Sikes and the Alien Nation coming up on six years ago. That popped into my mind because Gary Graham and I yapped a little about my nod to EMP threats over that summer (solar flares like we had yesterday are watched for the same kind of damage), which resulted in EMP threat- imminent?.  Both of these posts got pretty messed up during the Xanga migration, and I haven't bothered fixing broken pix, links, and videos.

I'm an end of the world/apocalypse hobbyist because that's just how you grow up when you're raised by an obsessed anti-government rapture watcher. I'm not going to argue pros and cons with truthers and such, but I am going to say it just makes sense to be ready for problems, because, you know, Japan. Seattle has been studying possible tsunami scenarios for years, and we all saw what happened to the upper eastern states during Sandy. If y'all don't carry bug-out bags onto planes and subways in the event of suddenly being stuck sitting there for a few hours because of snow on the tarmac or an electrical problem with the rail, that's on you.

I live in a place where internet will go down any moment, and I'm already mentally prepared, in the event it stays down, and especially if my satellite goes down and I can't get news, I'll assume either EMP or massive solar flare took out the grids. I don't freak out when I don't have internet. I go take a nap. But since I'd had a radio swapped out this week, as much as I hate phones, I went ahead and called my guy, and we had a good chuckle about how coincidentally timed that solar flare was for me.

I have written a couple of posts that have been seen around the world for years, my favorite being survivalists- end of the world, 2012- mach II. I kept this one private for a long time. reset- back to default, or new programming?, or, End of the World, mach IV Be careful, you'll get sucked in and lost in that one, also, that was years ago, don't jump on me. Many people don't understand my aspie obsession with finding flaws while I organize information. Looking back, I think what we thought was going on then was pretty layered with gaming the public, but since when is that a new thing? If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, look at the pretty blue pill. It's ok.

Disclaimer- end of the world, mach III I actually don't care who's side is right or wrong because I don't think there is a side. I think the NWO is already being installed and that there's nothing anyone can do to stop it, and I think both 'sides' have been in on it from day one. (Conspiracy theories don't frighten me.) I think politics in the media are a circus distraction, and it's going to wind up boiling down to (tongue in cheek) freemasons vs ISIS fighting over world domination. If freemasons want to claim that the world bankers are really the ones in conrol, fine, I don't care. It's a nonissue at this point.

But I do believe thisTrekkies and Freedom of Expression Sorry about the cool videos missing now, among them one from my fave Trek series. Whether or not NASA is part of the whole conspiracy mess has nothing to do with the masses who dream of a Star Trek kind of future. (I'm not crazy, I've been tested.)

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