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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

you've got the keys

I haven't counted how long it's been since I've had both a Bunny-free weekend and @bonenado to myself the entire time with no trips to town in the middle of everything because inclement weather kept us confined, and next thing you know, all kinds of big things started happening.

That's right, I just showed you boring pictures of us tearing out all the shelves and deep cleaning, and then purging my old crap and rearranging my new cookware into easier to reach configurations. I used to do all that myself (I was notorious for climbing on counters to vacuum cabinet tops up near the ceiling), but it's getting harder for Scott to climb all over the roof, too, so c'est la vie. I jumped on utilizing my resources over the weekend.

Outside was like this with a slick frozen crust on everything.

Scott accidentally took a quick ski trip down to the woods when he went out to feed the birds.

Ok, this just happened. Had to reboot. Does anyone else you know live blog like this? You're getting blow by blow real life here.

Behind all that alert stuff is my current wallpaper, one of my fave photos that I took a couple of years ago. I have this crazy thing for random chaos composition and get a little obsessed with leaves sometimes. Click for bigger. And lately I had a little fun making solitaire wallpaper, here you go.

 photo zzIMAG0062.jpg     photo cascade2.jpg

Ok, where were we? I was about to throw in some Bunny and Zurrito pix.

Batman Wakes Up

Never leave without your towel, wait, hangar.


My fave photo bomb ever.

I can't help wondering if Bunny and @bonenado are long time soul mates, she has been doing this every time she sees him since she could grasp, and it has lasted as long as 20 minutes at a time. There is no other time she is as still as this because she's hyper superkid. It's like she's just soaking in his aura, like she found him after all this time or something. I've never seen anything like it.

He is definitely her favorite. Since I was never close to any of my grandparents, or even parents for that matter, this is the most precious relationship I've ever seen. I think @bonenado is one of those secret angles and she can see him glow or something. Another person saw something kind of like that about him once, and I believe it.

Other stuff that happened-

-Winter Games got all-time highest traffic on all my blogs in 6 days flat. :edit: I lied. This survey just passed it again (although the 6 days flat thing is kinda cool), and 2- I should specify that 'all my blogs' means here on blogger. I had a Xanga post hit over 800 in a couple of weeks, and I don't count this Lexx post passing 10,000 ages ago because it's an index. Anything Lexx related on Xanga doesn't count when I say stuff like this.
-My last Walking Dead live tweet review got over 300 views in 12 hours.
-Pinky Stuff- how? I barely even write there and still get blown away.
-On the other hand, I might have scared a few people on Yablo, 2015 is starting out kind of odd over there.

As always, there's a whole lot I'm not saying. Yet. Soon. Ripped through nearly half a spiral over the weekend after a massive research plunge, no word count until I get them into an editor. I laugh now at my original writing schedule for 2012. Naivete is a blessing, without it we'd all give up before we get halfway up the mountain.

In the meantime, I can't help thinking that Rochefort looks a bit Sting-ish.

I know it's been a tough week/month/winter/year for a lot of us. We've gotta keep moving forward, powering through the pain life dishes out because this is how we create more awesome in the world. My deepest respect to Spock fans everywhere. I'm not going to add to what I've already anguished through. I put some of my fave Spock vids in this survey.


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