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Friday, March 2, 2018

this entire post is a quote

From http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/david_wilcock_awake_and_aware_en.html

The universe is not a cosmic comforter that hands you a lollipop when you don't love yourself and says, Oh, I'm just going to just send you all these people who are going to love you because you don't love yourself; and, Oh, I'm sorry you don't love yourself. Let me send you loving people. 

[laughs] Is that how it works? What happens to you when don't love yourself? What does the universe send to you? Does it send you a lollipop? 

Hey, look at that. That person doesn't love himself, that person doesn't have a high opinion of himself. I have a puppet now, I can manipulate that puppet. I can make that person do what I want because they are too afraid to go against me. They want to be polite. They have such a low self esteem that if I tell them something that I want them to do, they're not going to want to upset me. 

So, what the universe actually does is, that if you have a weakness, if you have something you don't like, the universe says, Oh, you don't like that. Well, here, have some more. Have some more. 

Until you get to the point that you simply accept experience, and accept yourself. And when you learn to accept yourself, you will not be manipulated because you will decide that it's better to preserve your sovereignty than be manipulated by someone else. 

You will decide that your state of mind, being positive and uplifting, is a better state for you to be in than the state you're going to have to go through temporarily to really piss somebody off when they're trying to manipulate you. 


If you're one of these people who has been through self-loathing and moved into a positive self-concept and self-esteem, if you have learned the power of "No", as opposed to the power of “Now”, and you can say "No" to somebody trying to manipulate you, then all of sudden, you're not shackled to this feeling of obligation to someone who is being grotesquely unfair. 

You now have the wherewithal to speak your mind, to say your piece, to get your needs met, even if it means that it's going to upset someone. Because if someone has denied you the respect and the sovereignty and love that you deserve as a perfect child of God, then you deserve to protect yourself from that person. 

You deserve to love yourself enough that you claim your right to exist. 

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