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Thursday, March 1, 2018

no one ever believes me

Chrome has blocked my email, can't even get to the 2-step authentication. Had to go through another browser. Fun.

I'm hearing that April might be a really big deal. Stock up.

I've talked with several people about suicide attempts and recent deaths over the last 7 days. I'm tired.

I need some positivity. Not pollyanna sunshine stuff, but something pertinent.

Some of you are doing some deep digging through Pinky blog and finding very interesting stuff. Scary, huh?

Want some fun? Let's go on the most ridiculous free association jaunt ever and see if any of it makes sense. Check out these things about Dave. The video below is from 1991. This movie was made in 1993. This software from 1996 wanted to make your life better. This embedded system starting from 2012 wants to help you find solutions. This school wants to help you get a job. This app wants to help you with your money. You know, because bitcoin. Maybe. I'm sure that's it. You know, because blockchain. Synchronicity. *mind blown*

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