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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Today's post brought to you by the awe-inspiring riddlydiddly song. Well, it's more like a mind-sucking vampire song, because I'm feeling pretty blank.

All my phone apps have folded up and died one by one until I finally completely lost twitter during the Emmys, even the HTC factory default, which was like being back in Bedrock. I need to start emergency backup on lappy, too, so I guess I'll pick up another flash drive and just start cleaning everything off.

TECH PURGE. Me and content excavation irl.

This is getting super pinned all over my pinterest.


I get off on articles like this. I love word construction for the sheer sake of word construction.

We all know how powerfully emotional and mental pain affect the arts, I want to add works molded by the powerful effect of physical pain on chemicals in the brain. My whole weekend was necklectic.

One of my favorite stories growing up was The Elephant's Child. Ironically, I was spanked fairly often, pretty hard, and sometimes for a long time. I come from two very different long lines of people who both believed in spanking. Children were to be broken so they could learn to obey. Like a horse. Like a dog. Like a slave. Like an upstanding pillar of society. Like a model citizen. Like a good fill in the religious blank.

Love and pain are a very entangled concept to many people in the world. Love is pain. Pain means love. That's why striving for heaven and nirvana and whatever else in an afterlife is so seductive. While jagged pieces of the world struggle for domination, I struggle with the power of word construction, bending my will toward the seduction of breaking all these stupid chains. #aspienado I want to break the world. Therein lies a villainous pun.

Yeah, you know this is just a time filler while I wait for my PT appointment, which is pretty early this morning.

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