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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

access denied

Kinda playing around, call it an assessment day. Coming up on end of September, official end of summer and the start of the holiday shopping season, how is Pinky blog doing?

This is my second most clicked out exit link over the last 30 days after my G+ account. Click the snip if you want to check it out. (I can't believe I'm clicked more than Ben.)

Third most clicked out is my original Lexx blog, bless your hearts.

According to statcounter, there were over 300 visits that lasted longer than an hour over the last month alone, and guys, they're not me. Thanx for sticking around, I hope you enjoyed, here's coffee and a coupon for free tacos... Sorry, I can't really hand out refreshments. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to add extra perks.

700 of the last 30 days' visits came from direct links, so blessings on all your devices for those bookmarks. May you never know tech fail. I can't decide what kind of phone I should go to next, so I'm still wringing every last breath out of my old Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Statcounter is telling me Apple iphones are a full third of my device views (3% were ipads), and full fourth were a variety of Samsung Galaxies, plus a bunch more. I'm learning more about devices from my stats than I ever could from a phone store.

I can see that 3% of you see Pinky blog on truly gigantic screens. Go you! I want MOAR, too.

Mobile is the most popular viewing by far (just a smidge under 50%), and Chrome beat out Firefox by 66 views, out of 1086 views this last month. Close competition there. (Blogger stats disagree, says Firefox beat out Chrome by 1420, so statcounter might not be picking up some of the views that blogger does, obviously.) A few of you are on tablets. I was very surprised to see my Lexxperience blog being viewed through a gaming system, but I'm not seeing that on Pinky blog.

I'm not going to sift out country rank (statcounter and blogger wildly disagree, partly because statcounter lumps Russian-esque-ish and other non-American countries around a little differently than blogger, blogger is awesome for breaking it down to every little country), because so many views come in through translators (Mountain View hits), and so many others bounce around host/carrier proxies (my phone pops me in from several different states on any given day), and even when I use a really good IP geolocator and break it down to approximate genuine location, it's not properly tracked in stats, so view counts can wildly skew when I break it down to country/state/city. As far as I can tell, quite a lot of you come in from various fandoms scattered around the world, which is cool. If I dig down, I can cross reference your devices with timestamps, but that is so much work that I've only done it a couple of times to see if that could give me a truer location measurement, and yes, it does. Don't worry, I can't see your house or address, I have no idea what your names are or how many pets or kids you have, but I CAN see some of you logging in from work, so please don't get caught and lose your jobs.

According to statcounter, these are the top popular page loads over the last month. They don't match the blogger top month (which you can see in the right side column), but who cares. Blogger doesn't give me this much internal info, which I took out and you can't see, sorry.

Wo, I just figured out how to resize someone else's table. Now I'm afraid to toggle back to 'compose' in case the tr's screw up like spaghetti, given what happened in my last post. Whee, so now the rest will be done on the style sheet. By the way, if you're here on the main page and not a post link, this table might fuzz out the table settings in the next post down. I'm discovering that blogger has little fits about tables.

Nearly 97% of search hits come through Google, Yahoo and Bing duke out the other 3%.

I think I just used up the coffee in my brain. I need to get busy doing way more moving around stuff. Hope you guys are having a good week, and I really do hope you run into some free tacos somewhere. You deserve it.

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