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Thursday, September 24, 2015

well, pink ~that~

Kinda liking this pred burst. (Another latex reaction.) Slept 4 hours the first night and then was up for 20 hours, slept 6 hours last night, now I'm bouncing around cleaning my whole house. Didn't realize how bad my ears were, I can hear again. The hard fibro shoulder neck stuff softened up. (Pred isn't supposed to 'work' on fibro, so I might've been in a low grade autoimmune flare.) My blood pressure dropped like a rock (122/75), so I'll have to monitor and space out my BP med.

This week has been a little too exciting, 22nd was my sploit's anniversary and the latex reaction, 23rd was end of the world and a great visit with psyche guy, today is maybe roofing crew and super zippy deep cleaning and clearing off my hard drive, tomorrow is my dad's birthday and more maybe more roofing noise. Got boxes mailed off, all the groceries stocked up again, want to spend the weekend catching up the spaceship reallocations and getting back on my writing track. I'm starting to write in spirals again because I've been on the road so much this month, so more scattering to gather and process.

My checkout lady at Walmart the other day was a very pretty Daniel Tosh lookalike. She could've been his sister. I can remember Daniel's face pretty good, since I've been watching his show for years. It was really hard not to walk around straightening up the waiting room at the clinic the other day. One of my many jobs at the hospital was stepping around sleeping families straightening up waiting rooms in the middle of the night, but I'm sure that would've creeped a few people out, lol. One woman left a crumpled kleenex in her chair to mark her place while she went to the bathroom, crazy genius idea I guess, but the other chairs around hers were empty, so when she came back to her spot and picked up her kleenex and sat down I had to look away so I wouldn't laugh. That was not a relaxed woman. She also sat the way my mom had trained me to sit, with my toes pointing to lift my thighs up a little so I could hold them together and look more ladylike. I went through all of middle and high school sitting like that, years of church, and there is no way I'm going through my old age sitting tense like that. I'm too tired. Boink a world that thinks I look disgusting slouched around in jeans. Take some chill pillz.

This pred is giving me some extra attitude today, isn't it? I've been extra smartassy with @bonenado, too. Everything is cracking me up, I'm in a really super good mood, probably because I feel better.

NSFW, so mute this if you're at work.

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