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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

shout out post to @VickiAddesso

I get so distracted chasing rabbit trails through search engines that I can't quite remember how I got here, but I've been wondering if someone made an app to Pinky blog for sport because of a particular weird stat thingy, so I searched 'pinkyguerrero app', right? I've mentioned before that there are 12-14 Pinkys out there, so I don't automatically float to the top in searches unless I use word combos that more specifically point my direction.

Anyway, this popped up three pages into the search

and I'm all like, ok that's weird because it doesn't go back to a tweet, and sure enough, it doesn't, but why does it have twitter handles all over it? Here's a good one for you, Vicki- Did you know this is how much your book costs in India? I have no idea what the exchange rate is. Click to check it out yourself.

The .in part of the address, according to wikipedia, is this- .in is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for India. The domain is operated by INRegistry under the authority of NIXI, the National Internet Exchange of India. INRegistry was appointed by the government of India. (Here is the original author page.)

I'm just really super curious how in the world that Amazon book page wound up associated in a search with a bunch of SnarkAlecs' names listed along, more specifically, the random retweet gang. As long as they find you, right?

And then just two more down from that is this page where I left a comment.

Anyway, apps. I tightened up my search a little to include the country that amusingly keeps coming in on the same post (because it's weirding me out to no end that it shows up on blogger stats but seems invisible to statcounter, google analytics AND google web tools, yeah, which makes it even weirder if blogger is able to pick it up, because blogger is a google thing, right?)

And I ran right into a 'expired and deleted dotcoms' list (if 'a' refers to list, do I hafta use 'an' because the next word starts with a vowel, even though it's demarcated as a different part of the sentence? These and many other things send me on wild goose chases) with my blog name nestled right in the middle of these guys. You can click the snip to go to the list if you want to see what else is on it.


Aaaand, guess what, that was the easiest purchasing and pointing I ever did. GoDaddy is awesome.

So I blame this post and Vicki for me owning my Pinky domain now. And this is how most of my public growth has come about, accidents and synchronicities that stack up like Lego blocks. I blame SnarkAlecs in general, plus Myke the instigator, and that cool guy who first linked me to his awesome scifi site because of Lexx and introduced me to Myke in the first place.

Pinky is a thing.

I just noticed the time again. I really need to keep bouncing around doing stuff.

You guys knew there's an official Sherlock youtube channel now, right? They loaded this one last week.

Still counting down at #Shezzaday 2.

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