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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#Shezzaday 4

Time to play around with tables again.

the feels
Someone in a fandom always gets to me.

the fun
You guys don't see me learning lots of stuff about tr's. I had cell space all over the place like I was going all dodecahedron or something. Wo, someone actually made a dodec dress. I was pairing 'dodecahedron Sherlock' in a search to see what would happen. Click the pic to see more.

lol, 'blocklock'.

My 'compose' and 'html' views are still looking drastically different. Let's see what an iframe does now. Ah yes, it still throws ye olde stylin curve ball. fixfixfix Nothing is working, iframe likes to snuggle. Hang on. Ok, back to Ps.

the fuss

Ok, I'm throwing out the alt thing, maybe I'll do more with that next time. Aaaaaand I just jumped out of my table. Hang on. The blogger table tutorial neglects to mention how blogger mangles the code every chance it gets, turns it into spaghetti every time I toggle. Oh, this is cute, what I'm doing right now just got thrown to the top of the page above the table. Wow. Hang on. Like pulling teeth trying to get my third cell back into place. I did it, yay!!!

Resisting all urges to toggle back to 'compose'. Only check in 'preview'.

Ok, break time. Only spent an hour and 15 minutes on this. I need to go make some coffee. There is no way I'm opening this back up, so if there are typos, get over it.

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  1. I have discovered that if more than one post with a table is displaying on the same page at one time, like if you click the #Shezzaday tag, the tables in the next post down will display all screwed up, but if you look at each post singly, the tables pop back into place just fine. Quite maddening how they take over the entire page like that beyond the posts they sit in.