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Thursday, September 3, 2015

rats, after all that I forgot to title it

Skip this post. It's just one of those long me thinking aloud posts, wrapping a few brain coils around organizational jetsetting. Apparently there is a jetsetter cat club that is NSFW, so for the love of God, do NOT put that into your search bar at work. Wo... O_O Was looking for 'pink cat high class' hoping to find a rich cat in first class (I'm still pre-coffee) and ran into this.

I think I'm getting the hang of jetsetting again. Just gotta block off time slots like the good old days when I had work and school. I feel like I'm sketching out a syllabus, except mine is broken into blocks that, you tell me, is this better or worse than American Revolutionary History? I had to retake that one, but I aced college algebra on the first try, so I guess it's a matter of taste.

Grind Chores
Spend half to one hour every day grinding through internet chores that include but are not limited to site maintenance, data organization, data mining, data warehousing, and salvage and repair. Examples- moving stuff off my phone to pinterest since phone fail and I no can haz app now, moving downloads off my hard drive to flash drives before lappy crashes for good, properly sourcing my content (the internet is my file cabinet), etc, so much more boring stuff you guys never see. It's called 'grind' for a very good reason, what I call the dull stuff that requires office management certification, which I don't have, but is crucial to my overall continuing growth. This is the stuff I ramble on about all the time and you guys probably think I'm nuts to be doing it in the first place, but it's the core to staying public, just like core PT sustains my physical mobility and flexibility. Until I can afford staff, I have to give my own self cards on Boss's Day. (You people who assume I'm maniacally obsessed with myself thinking I actually spent time pulling that 'staff' link together, all I had to do was put 'janika pinky secretary' in the search bar. I own the webs, guys. Here's the link that was right above it. You're welcome.) (I told you guys I know what I'm doing crawling back to the top of the search mountain.) (I'm a #Lexxpert, as first dubbed by @WormholeRiders in 2013.)

This is the actual book writing stuff and involves my whole house. Some obsessive days eat up anywhere from 4-8 hours (sometimes insane middle of the night hours), other days are a few minutes of notes. Includes research, drafting, edit, proofing (includes more research in proper language usage). Not limited to tech. I currently have over 40 spirals indexed. I need an office caddy. Get it? Office catty....

One hour per day following PT home instructions and regular exercise unless I'm in flare up. Challenges include maintaining and growing mobility and flexibility (sitting too long destroys me) and controlling pain. Included is monitoring proper hydration, nutrition, and rest.

Actual housework
Dishes, laundry, meals, bathrooms, floors, etc. I layer this time slot over all the previous work slots because I can't sit very long and have to get up and move around constantly. Everything you read that I've written has lots of behind the scenes action going on. If you're imagining me sitting around all day with a keyboard, you are drastically mistaken. One year I quite literally stood through all my keyboarding and moved around between every single sentence. Pain has driven me to put my thoughts outside my head for years as an alternative to, I'll be very blunt, self harm and suicide, because meds just couldn't save me. I'm not the only person on the planet who has said blogging saved my life.

Holiday Slide
I've talked about this phenomena before, where I have so much incoming with birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays every single week now up through New Year's on top of usually having at least one or two months booked up with physical therapy and whatever else is happening (this year there is the roof thing) that I hit a wall at some point and can no longer function in real time, and the rest slides by me in a daze, so I have to organize ALL THE THINGS really early and usually try to have everything listed, labeled, and all set to auto-go by the end of September, because by the middle of October it's just over, like I wrote in this post last fall. Holiday Slide planning includes prepurchasing ALL THE FOOD and freezing ALL THE GOODIES ahead in the form of doughs and batters (yes, the homemade stuffing is frozen ahead). I don't usually get involved with the gifting because @bonenado loves getting all over that.
bracing for the airbag

Or what I call interruptions. Yes, exactly like this, which popped up right in the middle of that last sentence.

These include weather warnings, tech fail, real life, Bunny days, appointments, you know- the plethora of constant pull away from working at home. Some of you might be thinking I'm making a big deal out of over planning, others of you who've been stuck at home for awhile are thanking God someone is breaking it down and showing you how to do it. My first year being stuck at home after two decades of college and work history was really depressing because I suddenly had no direction, no one scheduling my time, nothing to keep me on any kind of track with the rest of the world still rolling around in orbit through the seasons. I had to learn to self motivate, self orient, and self discipline, and that through glitchy brain and body fail. It's hardI know.  And it seems like just about the time I get a good rhythm going, everything blows up and I've got more punches to roll with. Well, that's what bosses DO. They steer the ships through the hurricanes. (Embedding was disabled for that vid, sorry. It's Jack Sparrow. Go watch it right now. I'll wait till you get back.) Yes, AND the long stretches of expanse in between. I learned everything I know about rebuilding a blog empire from Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm good with live blogging. I'm also really good at recharging, or what I like to call braincations, a concept intro'd to me many years ago by this cool chick. I didn't get it back then because I was dumb, but the light bulb eventually came on full blast, so thanks to her for that.

Six course blocks is a pretty busy schedule. I rarely watch TV during the day, rarely go shopping, almost never talk on the phone. Sometimes I take little jaunts off into extra credit.

Her; or Post Within a Post, Thoughts Behind Thoughts
(This is me learning how to insert a table into a blogger post.)

I'm not going to fix that link, just click what you can barely see so you can do the same thing. I hope this is making a new paragraph. Nope I have to go into html and manually insert the breaks, Thank goodness it at least wraps itself.

Testing. Ok P for paragraph works. CSS styling clashing with blogger 'enter' override for br line break. Reason I have to test and hit preview is because none of this is showing up in 'compose' because blogger isn't set up to show how it'll look in 'compose'. omg #facepalm just lost all my Ps from an override, ok let me try br. Nope, P works if I close my P tags in conjunction with the enter key. Excellent. (Never give up, never surrender!)

So, here we go.

I've said a few times I think about her every single day. I've never done that with another person in my whole life. I wonder if I can embed a vid in a table. Hang on.

There we go, that's been my jam while I figure this out. Yes, Benedict dancing helps. Ug, inserting that vid wiped all the Ps out, though, I had to reinsert them.

I mean, other than my kids, right? Or @bonenado. People drop right out of my head because I'm busy. I can't help it. It's like I know they're out there but I don't feel a need to connect in real time unless I'm freaking out on a highway or something and need someone to talk me through a nasty anxiety attack while I'm driving. I've gone months without a word to my dad or sibs, even on facebook. I go weeks without hearing my own kiddo's voice, sometimes days in between texts. Super aspie's so aspie. It's like time has no meaning and I don't feel it passing, so I don't miss anyone much.

Except her. I've never known what to make of that. All I know is that she was the key to changing everything, and everything I've done and become since then has been about wrapping not just my brain, but my heart and soul around integrating a thought process that was previously so alien to me that I couldn't make a leap to connect some crucial dots in my emotional development. Somehow, because of her and everything that happened, I was able to make that leap across what felt like a Chasm of Abyss (may as well nod to the game) during a very long Dark Night of the Soul. I had suffered like that only two other times, but had never been able to make the leap. Until Her.

One more vid, I think. Some of you have figured out by now what I'm doing. Aaaaand I just lost all my Ps in the table again because of this vid. Iframes really suck for style override. If this post winks out, it's me slamming html back into it.

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