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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

pinky after Labor Day- I'm glad you came

One of my bleary-eyed mornings staring wtf-ly at my phone and finally dawning on me to actually plug my pinky blog address into twitter search, ohhhhh.... Splains a lot about spurtly incoming from twitter referral at a really odd time of day.

this is a real thing
click to go check it out

This is a real question. Can you wear a pink tie after Labor Day? I was going to do a search on 'pink is the new' and ran into this, which seems familiar, I think I've found this before.

Pink is the new everything if you put that in search. Is pink the new banoffee? I found out YES, it IS. (What the boink is banoffee???)

I got a few pix for @bonenado fans. Among our busy weekend was getting ready for bow season. Bow-nado, lol. (Original name because genealogy enthusiast.) In the first one you can see the target.

This bow came from Bass Pro Shops.

It's got sights you can line up like a gun, might have to look hard to see the glowing dots inside the circle.

Random Bunny pix.

She MAKES him sit in that chair, cracks me up.

We're learning to trace hands.

Batman got bited on the eye.

Chillin, being the Bat. Hanging upside down sideways.

That moment when you realize you got yourself stuck.

Since this post is seriously lacking a selfie, here you go, another bathroom selfie from Walmart. Why? Because I was being ridiculous. Actually, I realized how much I really love that shirt after I had a sudden what if I stain it up flash of horror, so I grabbed a pic. I go months in between selfie pix. This one goes out special to Steve. Go follow him. He's nice and has super cool links to neato stuff.

And now a brief complaint about the neighbor.

This is real. Nearly every single day all. summer. long. We get the leftovers he can't bear to throw out. After all the weed killers, insecticides, and whatever else he drenches his tiny acreage with, you think we're eating his stuff? Especially the giant woody stuff he doesn't want? He's from the older gen that can't waste food but still considers it a gift to leave leftovers on our deck, so we hafta take care of his twisted up guilt-ridden being neighborly conscience for him and sack those up, haul them to the back deck, and gleefully fling them across the yard trying to hit the trees, watching them explode and smash all over, and the deer love it. He doesn't feed deer. He moved all the way out to Mirkwood and hates deer. I know! Weird, right?

Need to plug something into my bwains and keep moving. Sorry, yes, it's Sherlock again, but I like this song. Wait, here you go. Pick your fandom. All the same song. You're welcome.

Gold stars all over this one. FAVE.

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