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Sunday, September 13, 2015

it was the United States in Google search with a Fire tablet

Stat trackers are like a game of putting clues together. (Maybe that's why I love Sherlock so much.)

My latest mystery is how in the world someone found my Khanlock post from a 'tmj swollen gland' image search. (If you like gross, *click* *that*. Yes, I'll wait.) I didn't use any of those pix, but my only link about it goes straight to someone else's artistic medical depiction somewhere in all that gross mess, so I guess google must have automatically thrown Pinky blog in as a perp by association, because my tags include only the barest 'parotid gland' and 'salivary gland', and TMJ is mentioned only in passing in a word/combo/thing.

But that's the magic of the internet, isn't it? For whatever reason, Khanlock remains my top most clicked Pinky post coming in from search engines around the globe, and I guess I know now that's why. Look for 'tmj swollen gland' and you get Benedict Cumberbatch in all his glory when you need him the most. Not very informative, but the goal is distraction from misery, right? Hope it helps. I know that was sure an extra rough day for moi.

It's rough out there for all of us sooner or later, I think. Just look for the pink glow in the distance on those long, dark nights and know you're not alone.

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