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Sunday, September 6, 2015

trash in space

I'm learning so much about proxies. Using the right IP geolocator breaks down how they bounce around, statcounter practically shows me how one is set up on someone's computer. For instance, one person coming in from out of the country through a search engine using a mobile app on a computer broke down into three 'hits' at the same time, all coming through one state in the U.S. where the app pings. but through a city on the opposite coast where 'out of towners' ping with their alt language google searches being translated. I can also tell it's a chrome app. It's cool seeing when the product was purchased, updated, and upgraded. Not this blog. Stats on a different blog. I guess fraud and hackers have gotten so bad that paid counters can help decipher what's going on. Don't worry, I still get really invisible lurkers who know the ways of the tango force.

I've about figured out this little euphoria is a side effect of needle day. I must have really pumped out the endorphins or something. A true euphoria would have me skipping meals and loving the world, but this is more like coasting on a narcotic and I'm still eating. I'd also love to be able to sleep, have been up since 2:30 and finally feeling a little cranky in every spot that got zapped and poked, like all those spots are taking it really personally, so I think I'm in a big chemical brain dump dealing with it, just super spacey. @bonenado's all like what are we grilling tomorrow and I'm all like huuuu (drool) like he just asked me what planet we're on and he's all like it's Labor Day and I'm all like *facepalm* we have no food at all... I mean, unless we open more tuna, and I think I've already mentioned on twitter how old that's getting.

So he went shopping and just pulled back in, and I'm pretty sure I'll be useless tomorrow no matter what happens. Well, apparently I can TYPE. I know it's still summer outside, but I want a heating pad body wrap, a codeine java smoothie, and some more music in my head. It's 90 degrees out and I'm cuddled up in a sweater and sipping hot milk and listening to the same song over and over in my headphones. I need to find a better song, this one is too melancholy. Youtube is suggesting this one. I've never heard it before, hang on.

I think the funky color is perfect. Checking out the user. Subscribing. If you're sick of Sherlock, she made a Khirk, hang on. Ok, close your eyes, it's naughty, not just a insinuation tease. She hooked me with the pinkybluepurpley stuff. And I just discovered during a spellcheck that purpley is a thing.

Oh, here we go....

I'm a little disappointed in what they call goth, but hey, PURPLE.

All that purpley talk got me lost. Where were we?

Pinky blog played a trick on me last spring and busted me open like a pinata, and then I pretty much spent 5 months watching all that crazy candy come out of my head with not much way to stop it. Thank goodness it went in slo-mo, but this wandering soul morphing into weird love letter stuff is probably embarrassing a handful of people I know half to death. Here, click this and take your mind off.

Star Trek Re-Cap #5 - Spock, Messiah!
Well, most of my feels have been processed and are basically out there now, but there's something else that I don't think I've said yet anywhere that I know of. I went all that way to meet one person. Just one. Yes, I stood in line for autographs, but then I mailed them all to other countries. I didn't drive all the way there to meet actors and get autographs. (Gasps of shock and outrage from jealous fans just fogged up my screen.) I regret that I didn't share at the time how much it meant to me to be there, just sitting and talking. I just wanted to hang out. Just be there for real. For once the tables were turned. After years of people going out of their way to meet me or find me and me not understanding, I wanted to meet her.

I don't know how to fix what happened. All I know how to do is blog. And now that the pinata is in pieces all around me after holding all that stuff back for so long, and all my vital organs are dissected and laid neatly out on the table, it's time to GET BACK TO WORK! >=l FOCUS!!!

Revenge. Evil villain. The Plan.


"In every game there must be a winner and a loser. In this game, you will be the loser."

Remember what I said about losing.

Star Trek Recap #6 - Perry's Planet
Anyway, everthang I ever learned about space luv is from these book reviews. Yep, unofficial unpermissioned noncanon that actually made it into the publishing world, and I found one in a bookstore in Branson, MO, so I know they're for realz.

Star Trek Re-Cap #7 - Killing Time
And I figure if they can do it, I can too. Ok, no, I don't mean that.

My head is too tangled up right now to tell if any of this makes any sense at all. I've tried explaining, but I don't think anyone understands what I'm talking about. Except maybe she got it before I was aware that's what I was doing. I just don't know.

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