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Sunday, September 27, 2015

imagine if Davros had insect essence (or, if anyone tells me to breathe I will block the f#@k out of you)

@ 7ish p.m. Saturday night

Had a little trubba concentrating and pulling my bwains together today, so I kinda messed around in GWT again, can't seem to import my keyword/click report in for my Yablo blog, even though I google verified it as a property last year and the crawlers seem well acquainted with it. I mean, it mostly just sits there, rarely blog over there.

Pinky blog gets GWT just fine because blogger is auto-verified, but even though it gets hit like 10,000 times more than Yablo, the crawl doesn't look that much more impressive for the huge load of stuff I have over here.

So I thought maybe if I add Yablo to my Pinky google analytics property batch and get a tracking ID, maybe that'll help, but it's not (I forgot WP isn't keen on the script code and I'd hafta insert it manually into the source code, bleah), and then I was all Oh, yeah, I've got GWT on my dotcom (which is also wordpress), how did I do that? Well, I think I just waited 24 hours and it kicked in. But I keep getting this message for Yablo- "Google Webmaster Tools data: The user xxxx no longer has access to your Google Webmaster Tools account. We are unable to download new keyword data. Please try to repeat the instructions from step 1."

Um. Yeah. Repeat ad nauseam.

Just realized Doctor Who started 15 minutes ago. Ta.


Was anyone else keenly disappointed that Clara-Dalek wasn't a permanent loop back around to Eleven? I got this excited. I'm serious. I have no problem whatsoever admitting that my evil villain inner soul got seriously turned on thinking this is the moment she winds up being buried alive with the daleks and forgets where she is.

In case I seriously wrecked your day and you need to get away from me and drown in Cumberbabble, here's an hour of him blabbing away. Embedding disabled by request.


@ 5 a.m. Sunday morning

And now a tutorial on why one must never EVER click 'move to folder' again, EVER.

Boing awake at 3:15, make coffee, internet is down (right before everyone wakes up to a big football day), I'm all Heyyyy, this will be a great time to keep cleaning off my hard drive! And I plug my cute little 32 gig Toshiba USB 2.0 stick in (the package smartly states "Inventor of FLASH MEMORY"), and go to town for about 45 minutes moving 197 files (800+ MB) onto this cute little stick while I listen to that long Ben compilation I linked up there yesterday.

I've done this many times on other sticks, never had a single problem.

This time there was a problem.

Always check your files, kids. ALWAYS LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST DID. I got distracted from @bonenado pacing around waking up (earlier than he gets up on work days, so annoying) and didn't go through my usual OCD checklist, went ahead and pulled the stick and did a restart, plugged back in and wtf-ness popped up in the form of this

so I did this

and when I opened the files up I got this.

The whole stick is blank except for 2 folder names.

When I first started salvage 3 years ago, I was super suspicious of tech fail all. the. time. because I've been through so much fail. I used to 'copy to folder' and then go back and laboriously check everything and plug the stick in and out making sure I HAD what I copied, then go back again and laboriously delete the original files, and then and ONLY THEN would I empty my recycle bin.

A few months ago I grew impatient and started moving straight to folder and it always worked just fine and cut out all the extra work, so I stopped checking. And today I'm vowing to go back to my old ways. I had collected months of stuff that is already being yanked off the internet, and apparently just spaced them right off the ship in one fell swoop in 45 minutes flat. Some of it is, in fact, irreplaceable, and the rest will take at least a solid week's worth of concentrated effort to track down and copy again if I stop absolutely everything and do nothing else. So I just added another ongoing background project to my ever-growing list of multitasking.

What can you do, right. I got a shower and thought about what kind of breakfast to make if Bunny shows up this morning.

So anyway, that title up there, if anybody wants to tag me on twitter with 'breathe' just to annoy me, I'll consider that a hug and reply with a #PinkyBlock 'thank you' and this little guy.

click to see where I came from

Well, that's IF I get internet back. Thursday @bonenado was all like you don't have to set your whole team now, you have till Sunday, because I always get my guys all set. After years of watching him super sweat it juggling last minute player switches on several fantasy teams right up to kickoff (which gets unbelievably tense when internet goes glitchy, which happens a lot in Mirkwood) (because he thinks it's sexy-sneaky to foil his opponents' assumptions about how he's playing his teams), I developed a better habit of just getting it all set right away and not worrying the rest of the weekend. We start every year out like this, he has to run over to my laptop and breathe down my neck with his eyeballs eating my screen up over my shoulder and telling me what to do until I yell at him

and it usually turns out I do a pretty decent job of managing my ONE team all by myself. I will bring this up even with my last breath- that one year I actually dropped from first place to nearly last over Thanksgiving weekend because he got into my team behind my back and rearranged all my players, trades and everything, thinking he was smarter than me. At first I assumed sabotage (he gets maniacally obsessed over fantasy football, so it's not that much of a stretch), but I found out later we were playing for money and he just never told me so he could keep mine if I won. Which makes the sabotage bomb even stupider, right? You can imagine me never letting him live that one down. So his obsession over my team every year is something I love to mock him with, sometimes put players in that freak him out just to set him off, and it bugs the crap outa him that I don't care if I lose doing it. Anyway, so this weekend is a double boof, first the stupid flash drive, and now repercussions of listening to his advice again about waiting to set my team if internet doesn't come back up because I can't get the app on my phone because #epicphonefail.

I'm actually really calm right now. I could almost go back to bed. Except I'm doing dishes and thinking about testing this stick again with some copying to see whether it's really a bad stick that I'll have to take back.

So the new roof is mostly done, just waiting on the guttering now. Scott's only complaint, which is an understandably pointedly strong one, is that they used our deer feeding area as a toilet, and one even left a t-shirt behind down there, so months of patient trust training is obliterated. They're probably eaten alive with chiggers now from going down there instead of taking real breaks and running to the gas station up the road, so I imagine they're paying for it.

@ 7:30 a.m.

Still no internet. Sounds like Bunny will be here soon. Wearing my cool new Nikes for home workouts. Home shoes never go outside so the soles stay cleaner.

Typical day. Way too much going on, mobile office tucked away in 4D space so keyboard death by liquids won't be a thing (wouldn't that be a magical emphasis on my day), MOAR COFFEE on, second breakfast coming up for gurlz, who will be here any minute, and then massive busy Bunny house party while I focus on the ongoing party of Holiday Slide. Need to get the next batch of cards ready to mail out, finalize a holiday grocery list for ALL THE THINGS, start sketching out a house plan kind of list so I can start prepping for a tree going up. Again, as usual, after all the deep cleaning I did on the prep this last week, I'm really glad I didn't do the floors yet, maybe get to them during the week. I was going to wash the rugs and everything but the roofers showed up, so there it went. Today will be messes galore, so no worries. And then there's the stuff collecting into a big pile behind my chair in the kitchen to hand off to a sister in a couple of days since I couldn't get down for Dad's birthday and bring it all myself. This house is like one long super slo-mo neverending excavation project. Sometimes I think back on the washer-sized box full of barbie stuff we had when the girls were younger and laugh a little. Who'da ever thunk I'd wish I had it all back? My mind reels around how more packratty we maybe should've been. No wonder my next door neighbor has another house on the other side of the block that he uses for storage. Must be nice.

The key thing to remember with my house is that we have no hallways. Everything opens right up on the center. There's no escape, no getting away, no reprieve, no personal space. It's like living in a meerkat den. Correction. Meerkat spaceship.

I'm obviously twiddling my thumbs till they get here. I should go kick back for a few precious minutes.


@ 9 a.m.

Back online, yay! Three of my guys are hurt already (ankle, groin, concussion), got my deck shuffled, and the gang just trundled out the door to Silver Dollar City.

Anyway, I was going to come back and say this morning that I'm #TeamDavros because he is so delightfully spectacularly evil, and I think he and Missy should hook up. Is anybody shipping those two yet? This pic clicks to that episode tweet feed.

Discussion- is Davros as evil as Mantrid? (Doctor Who vs Lexx) Them's fightin words. I bet Missy is... In fact, I'm counting on it.

I've got to wander off and soak in some of this peaceful bliss stuff before I try to do anything else.

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